Thursday, December 01, 2005

Well, we got a referral update from Great Wall yesterday. The December batch will be mailed next week and will include those dossiers logged in until April 14th (60 babies on their way home). This is not great news for me since my LID (log in date) is July 8th and every time they split the months it puts me a full month behind in my wait for Baby Kacey!

Worse case scenerio will be that they split all months between May and July and my referral doesn't come until June with travel in July/August. While it will certainly stink to wait that long when I was originally told to expect a January or February referral with travel in April or May it is what it is. I've been sad, I've been mad and now I'm over it...when it comes it comes. This is one of the few things I can not control and for a control freak like myself it's a bit painful to stomach.

But, it could be worse, I could have a LID at the end of the month and see all my July Dragonflies going off to to China while I waited another month which is the case with my friends logged in April 28th.

I'll report again when the referrals are safely on the ground at Great Wall.


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