Wednesday, July 26, 2006
Is She or Isn't She?

A large European country says that the stork, Kacey's STORK, is in the air! This comes from the country that is "usually right" and it's happened before, the stork was in the air BEFORE the CCAA site was updated. We'll just have to see won't we!

When my phone tree call came in this morning I was a big pile of mush...thanks D.

P.S. Brighton opens at 10AM and I'm picking up my LLB purse just in case :)


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

the RQ is listing this info at 98%. GWCA has been open for 25 minutes.....send us our stork alert!!


Blogger Angel had this to say:

Kacey's on her way!!!! The stork alert just went out.

Congratulations Mommy!


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Okay you've got my attention. You mentioned Brighton! What is this about an LLB purse? Is this something I need?

Can't wait to read about Kacey's referral!


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