Monday, December 19, 2005

Ok, I'm still here and thought I'd post my favorite new picture. Saturday Night under the lights at West GA., we were at one of Jeff's last games as a Senior. This is his Mom, Danielle and little sister, Peyton 10 years old. Danielle and I have been best friends since 8th grade, don't EVEN do the math on how long it's been! Posted by Picasa


Blogger Sharon had this to say:

My you have been busy! I haven't visted this site since you first told me about it. A LOT has happened hasn't it? I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and I KNOW you'll have a terrific New Year!!


Blogger Cindy Bennett, CTA had this to say:

Hey Julie, I notice you say in your intro ---"first child from China" hmmm very interesting. already planning the second? :)))


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