Tuesday, October 24, 2006
Kacey & Julie's Excellent Adventure!

Hi everyone did you miss us? Kacey and I were on a most excellent adventure to visit Nana and PopPop in Florida and the Larkins, Millianos & Schoenings in St. Louis and boy did we have some fun! It's going to be tough to explain to Kacey that you really are only supposed to have 1 birthday party each year not one in every city you visit :) The good news, she is a terrific traveler even the business guys on the plane complimented me on her behavior I was sweating like crazy from trying to keep her happy but I guess it was worth it. We took 4 flights and she slept on 2 and played on the other 2, I pick the sleeping!

We started our trip in Florida with a visit with the S. Florida FCC gang, we got to play with Katie Starr, Mia, Molly (visiting from Texas), Lily and all our other buddies at their monthly Chinese dinner. Kacey was a bit freaked out at the beginning with 90 people running around her but with a little help from watermelon, ice cream and candy she came right along! They had trick-or-treating and she didn't quite get the concept, she just kept taking her candy out of her bag and giving it to the other kids...all except those suckers she wouldn't let those out of her sight!

The next day we got to go to the beach and visit with Uncle Kevin and Aunt Donna and their friends. It was a beautiful day and Kacey LOVED the water, the sand she could have done without but she thought the waves and clear ocean water were terrific. You should have seen my brother loading her up with SPF50 lotion, it looked like she had a coat of armor on :) After the sun and fun we headed out with them to lunch, Kacey loves Chinese food and we went to PF Changs so all was right with the world!

That evening we had birthday party #2 at Nana's house, lots of her friends from work came by along with the neighbors and our good friends the Blasuccis. It was so fun and Kacey loved opening her presents, I'm going to need a bigger house for all of this stuff.

I'll have to post the pictures from this part of the trip later in the week because they are on my Mom's camera and her cord is up here :(

Next we headed to St. Louis for birthday party #3 at Bob's house! Everyone was there and Kacey played so hard with the kids that she couldn't catch her breath she was running so fast around the backyard. They threw leaves at each other and every ball that they could find, she is most fond of young people and that counts teenagers too she just seems drawn to them and it doesn't take her any time to warm up as opposed to "big people". There were younguns a plenty on this part of the trip and she had a ball. Once again there were tons of GREAT presents and she loved them and the tissue paper, boxes & bows :)

We got to see our friends Donna and Katie on this trip too, Katie came home from China 6 years ago and it was wonderful to see how big she's gotten and how darned cute!

Traveling is great but there's no place like home! I'm on the last week of my leave from work so my Mom and Dad will be here on Thursday to get Kacey ready for the change. I know that she will be fine home with them, it's me I'm worried about.


Blogger Sonia had this to say:

Welcome home, ladies! And yes, we missed you tons. Looking forward to seeing Miss Minnie Mouse on Sat(: and you and Nana and Pop Pop of course!


Blogger shelley had this to say:

yes we did miss you. glad you are back. I worry about you too, I am sure Kacey will do just fine.

Sounds like a great time had by all.



Blogger Anna had this to say:

It was great to see you and Kacey.


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