Monday, November 27, 2006
Happy Thanksgiving!

As usual the good photos are on Nana's camera but I wanted to give a short Thanksgiving update on Kacey.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at Danielle's house, her Mom and Dad were there from Alabama along with Tim's Mom and her friend Bob and Aunt Joan & Uncle Art there were 16 of us total and enough food for an army!!! A good time was had by all, as usual it took Miss Kacey a little while to warm up to the crowd but turkey & mashed potatoes have a way of making her very happy:)

Pop and I used the 4-day weekend to get a head start on Christmas decorating, we brought all the stuff up from the basement and got the outside of the house shiny and bright, we'll tackle the inside trees next weekend. Kacey isn't very interested in anything but the snowpeople from Hallmark that sing "We wish you a merry Christmas", she pushes the button all day and we all have to sing and clap along while she dances around the room leading the clapping! I'm going to have to figure out a way to set up my video camera without her seeing me so I can catch some of this on tape!!!

Tomorrow is our 2 month "arriving home" anniversary and I know I've said it before but I'll say it again it seems like Kacey has been with me forever, I just don't remember life before her--nor do I want to! The girl loves tractors and fancy knited ponchos what else could you ask for :)


Blogger C's Mom had this to say:

She looks like she's got a handle on that Deere! I may need her help soon ;0)


Blogger dawn had this to say:

That is too funny! Yee Haw, but don't dirty my pretty poncho.


Blogger t~ had this to say:

A girl after my own heart. I like her style!


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