Monday, November 06, 2006
Welcome Maisie Shanahan!

Maisie Miao Shanahan
Born: October 17, 2005
(I LOVE October babies)
Sichuan Province
WanZhou SWI

The Shanahans have a daughter and Kacey and I have a new friend! After 14+ LOOOONG months of waiting the news that Lisa and Eammon (and the rest of us) have been waiting for finally arrived! Now we've just got to get them on a plane to China and home so that we can meet her in person.

I'll bet that Maisie, Liza and Kacey will certainly have some major October birthday throwdowns in the future!!!

Congratulations Lisa and Eammon we love you,

Julie & Kacey (Nana Susan too)


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