Monday, November 19, 2007
Not Broadway but the Wiggles!

Big weekend, Kacey her cousin Brett and his mommy went to see the Wiggles on Saturday. Diane, I know that Stefanie would be so proud! We got to sit in the luxury box so I maintained what's left of my sanity:)


Blogger Diane had this to say:

good for you! we still LOVE those guys at my house. stef is in mourning over Greg's retirement.


Blogger juliesfamily had this to say:

OMG!!! I am SO JEALOUS!!! I LOVE the Wiggles! I was pretty bummed to hear about Greg too. My 18 year old told me (go figure).

julie w


Blogger Mary had this to say:

How fun! Kacey looks so cute in her skirt!! We love the Wiggles too... I think I had a Mommy crush on Anthony for a while! I think that means I reached Wiggles overload!


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