Thursday, December 06, 2007
Preview of holiday greetings to come!

I got Kacey's Christmas pictures done on Sunday...always a good time! But she was a trooper this year and we got tons of good ones. Just as a teaser here she is before we headed off to the studio!


Blogger Life with JJ, Starr and Spice had this to say:

She is so beautifully brilliant!!

Hugs to you all.


Blogger RamblingMother had this to say:

She is so pretty.



Blogger shelley had this to say:

Can't wait to see more. Missing seeing that beautiful one grow up.


Blogger Tammie had this to say:

What a great pic! She gets prettier each time I see her.


Blogger Sonia had this to say:

Kacey looks adorable! Can't wait to see you guys next week-end.


Blogger Beckie had this to say:

Hi Julie,
Loved the pic of Kacey. Can't wait to see the professional ones. Hope to see you soon.

Aunt Beck


Blogger juliesfamily had this to say:

she just gets prettier by the day!!!

julie w


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