Tuesday, August 24, 2010
1st Day of School...A Milestone!

Ready for the BIG Day!

At the bus stop with her buddies Katie and Brady.
Sitting out front yes I followed the bus and brought her in.

Well the first day has came and went and all is well. We started with an absolute monsoon at the bus stop which continued through lunch time thought I may need to start building an ark:) Kacey loved riding the bus and her new teacher, the cafeteria was a little daunting but she made it through without a hiccup.

They called me when she got in the car this with my mom this afternoon, all she wanted me to know was that there were "important" papers in her backpack for me to sign. I guess that means she had a good day we are going out with a few other families to celebrate tonight I think I need it even more than she does.
Another day, another milestone I look down the road and know there will be many more but for today I'll just enjoy this one and know that she is happy!


Blogger M3 had this to say:

Awwww, congratulations Kacey and mama. Big day!!


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