Tuesday, January 24, 2006
The Stork is Flying!

We got a stork alert yesterday and baby Kacey is 44 happy families closer to coming home! These referrals covered log in dates from April 27-May 12. Great Wall did not have any early May families so all 44 are from April 27th--the next date for us is May 17th. Two families from the FCC-S. Florida chapter are receiving referrals and I couldn't be happier for them...they've been waiting WAY too long! Congrats Shannon, Jolene and families--cant' wait to see your babies at the end of the week.

The CNY holidays will be observed January 30th through February 3rd in Beijing. Have a great holiday CCAA team and then get back to the business of matching the remainder of May and June families with their children. Kacey wants to be home for her Mommy's birthday on July 2nd and celebrate her first Independance Day as an American Citizen. She didn't tell me that herself but we have this cosmic connection and I can just feel it.

Also to quote Jimmy Buffet and his line about "cosmic laughter ringing throughout the universe" I have purchased my first Laura Ashley dress for Kacey. I'm about as anti-Laura Ashley as you can get...or I thought I was til now. I was in TJ MAXX last night and there it was in all it's navy blue velvet splendor and only $9.99, I had to have it (no Danielle I didn't buy the matching Mommy dress--do they have one ?) I tried to fight it but to no avail. Kacey will have not only the 12 days of Christmas next year but also the 12 Holiday Dresses of Christmas! They may be big or small on her but she'll have 'em alright :)


Blogger Lisa~~ had this to say:

Oh, that's a good reason to shop, need a different outfit for everyday of Christmas! Think Eammon will go for that one??


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