Tuesday, November 14, 2006

This girl can eat and she LOVED Manny's BBQ ribs!


Blogger juliesfamily had this to say:

I love this picture, your smiles are so beautiful, they make ME happy!

(of course, ribs make me happy too!)

love you



Blogger shelley had this to say:

Alright THIS one is my new favorite pic. Both of you look so happy and alright with the world. Who doesn't like a good BBQ??



Blogger C's Mom had this to say:

I'm a new kid to you - thanks to Melissa (Awaiting Ava).

Looking forward to following your adventures with Ms. Kacey!

I love that photo of the two of you up close.


Blogger Mary had this to say:

Wow! What a great picture! What a happy family you two are! Kacey is just getting more animated all the time. -so very special


Blogger Cindy Bennett, CTA had this to say:

well, this is just my favorite picture ever! ya know, you two kind of look alike! :)


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