Tuesday, November 07, 2006
Weekend Fun!

It was a big weekend at the Thomas house full of fun and out of town visitors galore...just like we like it!

The fun started on Saturday morning when we met our fellow adoptors at the Zoo for the Adoption Month Celebration, November is National Adoption Month and there are many great activities in communities around the country to celebrate Adoption and talk about the benefits to prospective parents. As always our girls were poster children for China adoption, running around the zoo with smiles on their faces and mischief in their eyes! Nana and PopPop stayed home to get a little rest and get ready for part two of the weekend fun.

Saturday afternoon our dear friends the Manzo's came to stay for a couple of days on their way back to Florida from North Carolina. We all lived in the same neighborhood for MANY years and my Mom and Tina worked together too. They are 2 of my all time favorite people so it was great having them. I'll post photos tomorrow since they are on Nana's camera.

Finally on Sunday we had a BIG Italian dinner (thanks to Tina and Nana) and Shannon and her family came to visit from Florida and my friend Martha also came, she's logged in on 11/22 for Katherine somewhere in China. There's nothing like a full house that smells like tomato sauce to make for a good day! Danielle got home from Statesboro so she and her family got to join in on the fun too.


Blogger shelley had this to say:

ANOTHER wonderful weekend. I am so jealous of the support and fun you have with fellow adopters.

Great pics.



Blogger Donna had this to say:

How cute...I love Kacey's hairdo!


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