Thursday, March 22, 2007
Pollen Stinks!

I faced my first illness this week and heaven help me if Kacey ever gets really sick! The fun started on Saturday with a huge sneezing fit followed by a bloddy nose for the remainder of the day not a constant drip just every now and then (gross) on Sunday her eyes started watering and her nose started dripping even harder! I knew it must be allergies and gave her Dimatapp hoping that would help, all this time she acts like she feels absolutely fine and dandy! Monday, she wakes up fine I give her a dose of "D" and off we go when I pick her up I get the daycare note "if your child continues to have a runny nose for 3 days you will be required to take her to the doctor and get a release to be admitted back into school", yikes for a working single mom that's big deal. So I give her another dose of "d" on Monday night and she sleeps fine and wakes up fine, I have a huge meeting at work so off she goes to school (day #2 of the drip).

At 10:30AM that morning the receptionist is standing at the window motioning for me to come out, daycare is on the line, Kacey is feeling rotten, her nose is running and she scratched her face trying to itch her eyes. What in the heck am I going to do, so I say to daycare..."can you keep her until 2:30 or do I need to come get her immediately, they say sure she can stay we just wanted to let you know", let me know I almost had a hard (that would be HEART finally proofed this post) attack!!!!! I pick her up at 3 and she's not even ready to come home, she's having a snack and a grand old time. Meanwhile, I've already scheduled a doctors appointment for the next morning where they confirm my allergies diagnosis tell me to give her Claratin and most importantly give me the magic note that keeps little miss in school and me earning a living!

She feels much better and I have more gray hair...this new mother thing is a thrill a minute ride:)


Blogger shelley had this to say:

LOVE the shirt. We are having allergy problems too.

Humidifier might help with future bloody noses.



Blogger Lisa~~ had this to say:

Glad to hear that it's just allergies and hopefully the new meds will take care of the drip.


Blogger C's Mom had this to say:

I keep convincing myself that all this stuff will work out. Thanks for proving that it does just that.

I love Kacey's tee too!


Blogger Tammie had this to say:

Those allergies are a real bummer. Thankfully, Kacey feels okay even though she's keeping you on your toes!

Erin's allergies are all about coughing. The marvelous Dr Liang down here in S FL put her on singulair this past summer. I don't she's coughed but once since then.


Blogger Anna had this to say:

Glad to hear that Kacey is better!


Blogger shelley had this to say:

Believe me I know how bad allergies can be I have em!! And man let me tell you it is not fun. I'm just glad to hear that she's feeling better. But beware they could could come back so keep up on the doses of "d"!!

With Love,
Hannah :)


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