Monday, April 16, 2007
In search of the elusive perfect haircut....

Kacey and I were at it again this weekend, I took her to the salon to clean up her bangs and try to eliminate the "mullet" look she'd been sporting! Y'all know how Kacey hates strangers with ONE big expception the girl loves getting her hair done we pulled up in the parking long, I told her we were going to get a haircut and she started cheering!!! She didn't smile for the pictures but she was happy as a clam with Ms. Jacci and she got stick-on earrings, a bow and glitter in her hair which just made her day.

We took a little off the back, a lot off the bangs and just a smidge of the sides I see a cute little pageboy in her near future. I myself have been on the hunt for the perfect haircut for the last 40+ years so I'm sure we have plenty of trial and error ahead of us.

Enjoy the pictures...


Blogger Lisa~~ had this to say:

Kacey looks adorable with the new do!


Blogger Noneofyour... had this to say: find the perfect haircut. I've had another adoptive mom admonish me for the "typical" chinese haircut. Whatever. As a working what works! Kacey looks adorable!

We're currently "trying" to grow out L's bangs. It's painful. We're trying to be patient...but it's hard. Just know that LOTS of tangles and tears will be in your future...


Blogger RamblingMother had this to say:

She is so cute.



Blogger C's Mom had this to say:

Very cute :0)

That girl is growing like a weed!


Blogger shelley had this to say:

wonderful haircut!!! did you see the pictures on our blog of Claire's hair...I think it grows everyday and curls more everyday. She doesn't like to wear anything in her hair...she is so two.

I guess you and Diane will be moving in around the same time...still on schedule for that??



Blogger Anna had this to say:

Too cute! Love the new hairdo!! Molly insists on wearing 2 pigtails every day. Depending on how much time I have in the mornings determines how even they are! Growing out the bangs has been a hassle, but we are almost at a good length to keep them out of her meal!


Blogger juliesfamily had this to say:

She's such a funny girl! And so cute too!!

julie w


Blogger Tammie had this to say:

I love Kacey's new haircut! Her hair looks so thick & pretty.

I know what you mean about being in search of the perfect haircut. I'm still searching myself!


Blogger Ani had this to say:

she looks beautiful with her new haircut. and it seems like she's grown up a lot (and filled out some!). what a pretty little girl.


Blogger Christi and Abbey had this to say:

So cute!


Blogger Heather had this to say:

Kacey is beautiful with her new 'do! I'm impressed that she sat so still -- that didn't happen with Syd's first haircut!

BTW- check out our new blog!


Blogger Shana had this to say:

What an adorable haircut! Kacey is so cute- I love it that she cheered when you told her she was getting her hair done! She'll have to teach Sophie Lu a thing or two!

Hugs, Shana :)


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