Saturday, April 29, 2006
Bless her little heart, part 2

Hugh and Sonia met the stork today, well she was dressed as a FedEx employee but I think it was a stork. They got new photos and an acceptance letter, how fast do you think it was signed? I'm betting it was REAL FAST. Read the entire story at


Blogger Margaret had this to say:

Hello there,

I am hosting a contest on my Blogger site for "Mom's Who Blog" in honor of Mother's Day and I found your Blog to be very well written and creatively inspired.

Winners of the Contest will be announced and recognized until Mother's Day; May 14, 2006.

Winners who wish to do so - will be given a " Mix
Pix Award Button
" to display on their site or sidebar. This will help to direct traffic and readership to their wonderfully created

If you wish to be included in my list of nominations this Saturday evening please email me at Tell me a little about yourself, why you choose to blog, what's your biggest challenge in being a Mom and how do you keep your own identity while being a Mother at the same time. Stuff like that. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for making the Blogger world a wonderful experience!

Margie Mix


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