Tuesday, July 11, 2006
The Ticker is at 2 WEEKS!

Oh yeah, it's two weeks and ZERO days on the Kacey ticker and I BELIEVE the ticker and I choose to believe the All of July in July rumor from Europe too how about that! I believe it for Angel and all my buddies in August (Lisa, Mary, etc.) for whom (or who?) all of July in July would ease many paperwork pressures!

Julie W. in my LID group has started us clicking our heels and saying 3x there's no place like China, there's, no place like China, there's no place like China. I think it's working, we'll just have to see. The CCAA Director should be back from his boondoggle (business trip) to Australia and Finland or Iceland or some Land by the end of week then we can let the good times ROLL!

P.S. I couldn't find ruby slippers but I thought these shoes were pretty sassy!
Update, D found Ruby Slippers and they are FINE!


Blogger Lisa~~ had this to say:

I'm believing your ticker too...please don't disappoint!!


Blogger M3 had this to say:

Two weeks and 2 days - yikes it seems so soon when you put it like that!!! Wow. I am so giddy excited!!! (And that's not just the cold meds talking, heehee)


Blogger Life with JJ, Starr and Spice had this to say:

Julie...man I am getting so excited for you and your family!!!
I am checking the RQ and your blog daily for the news. We are going to see your daughter's sweet face VERY soon!



Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

click click click
there's no place like China
there's no place like China
there's no place like China

Can't wait to see you there!!

julie w


Blogger Angel had this to say:

You're very close!!!! I'm hoping for all of July too but, if not, at least we'll get some Dragonfly babies, including Kacey, this month!


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

those shoes will look even better on Kacey's little feet!


Blogger Mick had this to say:

Click Click

Sending a wish to universe for speedy travels.


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