Friday, June 30, 2006
Fireworks & Cake!

We are off, to Jacksonville Beach for the 4th of July holiday! It's my 2nd favorite holiday of the year (behind Thanksgiving), I get fireworks and birthday cake. Could it get any better, I think not. I've always thought that the firework displays were in honor of my July 2 birthday--very nice of all those cities to spend all that money on little old me! It's also my best friend of 30+ years Danielle's birthday on the 4th, she tries to tell me that the fireworks are for her but I know better :) We are packing up her daughters, Brooke & Peyton, leaving the guys home with dogs and fishing to take care of and heading South. My poor brother Jimmy doesn't know what's getting ready to hit him, that's what he gets for having a house 3 blocks from the beach with a kickin' pool. I wonder how many bathrooms he has??? Oh well, we shall manage.

Last year I said it would be my last 4th of July weekend without Kacey. Well as Yogi Berra says, "it's deja vu (thanks jayme for the correct sp) all over again" but this time I really, really think I'm right!!!

Enjoy the long weekend, tomorrow it's July and that's Kacey month boy and girls!


Blogger M3 had this to say:

Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!! What a great holiday to have a birthday on. Oh, AND July 2 is the day I met my husband, standing on that driving range in Hawaii.

No wonder we're great friends, we share an excellent day in common. Have a blast at the beach.

Huge hugs,


Blogger Lisa~~ had this to say:

Have a great trip and a wonderful b-day!! See you when you get home.


Blogger Rossette and Kenn had this to say:

Happy Birthday!
How great that you always have a 3 to 4 day weekend for your birthday...and better does you best friend.

my best,


Blogger Sonia had this to say:

Happy, happy Birthday, Julie!!!! Have fun in the sun and the beach ~ looking forward to lunching w/you and the girls on the 5th!


Blogger Angel had this to say:

Happy Birthday!!!! That really is a great way to celebrate.

This is definitely the last 4th without Kacey anc believe me...every day after Gotcha will be all about her so enjoy!


Blogger Beckie had this to say:

Hi Julie....Happy Birthday to you. I was having thoughts down memory lane today and remembered you when you were 8 yrs. old and I married your uncle.
You were such a great little girl, and here you are now, about to be a super fantastic mother. Have a great time in Jax with your dear friend, Danielle. Happy Birthday to her too!!
Just think, in less than a month, we will know when Kacey's birthday is too!!!!


Blogger Life with JJ, Starr and Spice had this to say:

Hi Julie:

I hope that you are having a wonderful time this weekend. Happy Birthday.

Big hugs,


Blogger Pug Mama had this to say:

Julie, this is your last one w/o Kacey!!!
(My sister's Birthday is July 5th)
Happy Birthday to you!!!!!


Blogger Georgia had this to say:

Happy Birthday!!

My town had a lovely fireworks display in your honor!


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