Friday, August 04, 2006
The Big Day!

I thought you guys might get a kick out of seeing referral day at my office. You've got to know that I was as serious I've been in years as I made absolutely sure that I wrote everything down correctly...there was not even a hint of a smile until I opened the picture. Just as I was putting Krista on speakerphone word got around my office that GW was on the phone and a huge cheer went up, she was laughing when I finally said hello :) What a day, people say you will never know what it feels like and they are right, you sit around 12+ months waiting for something to happen and then BAM!


Blogger Cindy Bennett, CTA had this to say:

and its incredible, no?


Blogger Pug Mama had this to say:

What a great bunch of people you work with!


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

CONGRATULATIONS MOM! I cannot tell you how happy I am for you and yours at this moment. Enjoy!! :)


Blogger Tamara had this to say:

thanks for sharing your referral day story- I can't wait to feel the BAM!!! Hopefully sooner then later...


Blogger Mary had this to say:

That was so special! Thank you for sharing this amazing time with everyone. It is great to see this happy time!!


Blogger Sonia had this to say:

An amazing and magical moment seeing Kacey's picture for the first'll never be the same, Julie!!


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