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Ok all you Mommies out there I need an assist, Kacey is now at daycare for breakfast and I need some ideas of what she might eat. She is not happy when I leave and refuses to eat her usual favorite...grits and a a meat of some kind. This AM I also took dry Cheerios (she doesn't drink milk), Pop Tarts are a no-go which is OK for me because I LOVE Pop Tarts and can eat them.

Has anything worked for you guys? She's not a picky eater BUT she' also not a morning person and I'm dropping her off at 6:45AM, needless to say I'm not her favorite person in the AM BUT she's super happy in the afternoon so I know that it just takes her a while to get going.

I'm also chanting when she's hungry she'll eat so that I don't worry!!! She ate her entire lunch at school yesterday so maybe that's a good sign:)


Blogger Pixel Fairy Princess had this to say:

This might help. Ian did the same thing when I went back to teaching and we had to leave the house at 6:30. He is SO SO SO not a morning person and now that he home schools - he sleeps until 8 or 8:30 each morning. So, here is what I did - I bribed him with McDonald's, Atlanta Bread Co., Starbucks. That's right - we ate breakfast out for almost nine months, and my feeling is that he was happy and feed. What kid wants to get up at 6 am and be out of the house at 6:30 - in addition, I was able to pick up some food and coffee for me.

Hope that you find a solution :-)


Blogger profanglophilia had this to say:

I have a slow starter too. This worked for me: mini waffles cooked at home then spread with cream cheese (plain or flavored) and put together like mini sandwiches. Easy to transport, not terrible if they get cold before they are eaten, and easy for little hands to feed themselves. Another good one is pigs in the blanket. You can cook them in the evening and store them in the fridge. Pop one or two in the microwave before you leave... again, won't taste yucky cold if she doesn't eat it right away, easy to self-feed, etc.


Blogger shelley had this to say:

Hannah loves "cheese toast" also easy to transport.

Toast cheese on bread and make a sandwhich. Will Kacey drink flavored milk? I will keep thinking.



Blogger juliesfamily had this to say:

Claire and Mary both love packaged peanut butter cracker sandwiches. (They don't want the ones I make tho same p butter and crackers). We are STILL trying to find something Claire will drink on a regular basis. Today, I might have found something....bottled juice from the baby food section called "fruit splashers". Also, single serve fruit, applesauce and veges, ALL big hits with the girls. Or, Protein bars, granola bars; I even make a "healthy" version of oatmeal cookies for breakfast! A mix of raisins, craisins and sunflower seeds and peanuts; are we hitting the yummy bone yet?

julie w


Blogger C had this to say:

Hi Julie,
Kate actually eats before going to daycare (and at daycare, if you can believe it. She likes to eat right when she gets up) so I have to feed her before we leave the house or en route. Here are some of her favorites:
Hard boiled eggs. Love 'em can't get enough
Cereal bars- Nutrigrain or special k
I buy frozen french toast sticks and she can carry them in a baggy. Not sure it will work for you.

she loves oatmeal but I don't think that will work for you.

Now, if you could help me out with what to feed her for dinner that would help. She gets most of her calories during the day and doesn't always eat what I cook for dinner. I assume it isn't my cooking, but who knows!


Blogger Susan had this to say:

Olivia is sooo not a morning person and neither am I. I usually stop at Burger King or somewhere near her school and buy 2 eggs...we live 30 min from the daycare so they would be icky by the time we got there. She usually eats those - now. In the very beginning she wouldn't eat anything but by lunch she was hungry and ate for them and the afternoon snack. I had to bribe her, too...usually it was with the apple dippers, sans the dip, from McD's and that got her used to eating in the morning. Our Costco sells packages of presliced apples and I'll take the skin off some of those for her. Alpha Bits also made an appearance at our house when regular Cheerios went by the wayside and then Honey Comb and Fruity Cheerios. Hashbrowns were/are a HUGE hit with her. Sadly enough she knows when we pull in somewhere to ask for hasbrowns and eggs.

She will eat. Our daycare director told me they haven't had one toddler die from not eating yet. She also behaves better at the school table than at home...the whole "monkey see, monkey do" thing. It'll get better.

Hang in there


Blogger Susan had this to say:

One more... I also gave her the yogurt drinks or would mix some instant breakfast into her cup to give her some vitamins, etc. when she wouldn't eat.


Blogger Pixel Fairy Princess had this to say:

Hey Julie,
Was at Publix earlier and LiLi loves these yogourts in a plastic tube! I actually let her eat this in my car - but I have leather and truck style floor mats that you can hose down. Might give it a try.


Blogger Tammie had this to say:

Erin is a horrible eater - morning, noon or night - unless there's chocolate involved that is. At 4 1/2 she is just now stopping her morning & evening milk. However, she is hungry in the morning & since she has to be at daycare early, I've found a few secrets.

Erin loves those bags of mini muffins by Hostess & Entenmanns, granola bars (okay so they have chocolate & marshmallows), or even a quick stop by McD's for a hash brown. Sometimes I can even get her to take along a baggie of cheerio fruit loops.

If she truly won't eat without a hassle, try giving her vitamins to make sure she isn't loosing any nutrition. BTW, the yogurts are a wonderful idea. Also, ask the morning caregivers what the other children are eating.


Blogger Anna had this to say:

I toast the frozen French Toast sticks for Molly every Saturday morning before we leave for swim lessons. She loves to eat them the whole way there! For awhile she also liked waffles, but right now they are out (it's French Toast sticks only!) I'm not a morning person, so I needed something super easy. Good luck!!


Blogger Christi and Abbey had this to say:

This may sound weird, but here's one thing Abbey loves...
I tear a hole out of the middle of really good whole wheat bread. I put butter on one side and lay that side down in the skillet. I then crack an egg in the middle of the hole. It fries in the toast and spreads over the whole thing and then you flip it and fry the other side. I cut it up and put it in a baggie. It seems to really sustain her. I hate for her to eat on the run, but that is the way it will have to be on work days. She is so full from her am bottle that she is not ready to eat breakfast when we leave.


Blogger Ani had this to say:

My little guy likes the Gerber cereal bars (apple cinammon or strawberry banana). The yogurt drinks are a great idea, too.

How about frozen pancakes? Toast or microwave them - you can roll them up with ham and cheese or jam.

If all else fails, you can try a glass of OJ (the one with vitamins and calcium). At least you know she's getting SOMETHING in her :)


Blogger Diane had this to say:

both my girls go thur stages where they eat the same thing for days on end, then, all of a sudden they won't touch whatever it is they have jsut been loving! Advise from the 'bad mommy'-- even sugar cereal is vitamin fortified so try some fruit loops or lucky charms! most mornings Stefanie only has chocolate milk or nothing at all and she is still going strong!


Blogger Sonia had this to say:

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Blogger Sonia had this to say:

Hey Julie~ Pediacare makes a great yogurt breakfast bar. I bought mine at Publixs. They are loaded with vitamins and minerals, and best of all, Kailee loves them. Good luck in your quest.


Blogger Life with JJ, Starr and Spice had this to say:

you have been tagged; go to my blog and now you are next...


Blogger Michele had this to say:

I am a bit late in responding to this. Kacey is getting so big! So SO CUTE!!! Anyway, I have the same problem with my 4 year old. I had hoped she would outgrow this but she hasn't. Here are some things we send to daycare in the morning:

Cereal Bars

Bagel with Cream cheese spread

Mini Pancakes (I match a batch and freeze over the weekends)

French Toast sticks (make a batch over the weekends)

Cheese cubes and crackers

Yogurt smoothies/drinks


cut up fruit

scrambled egg and tater tots (make before we go to daycare and then pop in micro when we get there)

Corn Muffins are always a treat!!

Apples sauce or fruit cups

She will usually eat any one of these in the long as she doesn't have to eat as soon as she gets up. The hot things I just prepare before I leave the house and then pop it in the micro to heat up when we get to school. Managing breakfast, lunch and snacks is always the most challening for us. Next year she starts Kindergaten and that should be even more challening since I don't think they will let her eat breakfast there. GOOD LUCK!!!!



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