Wednesday, October 08, 2008
Sweetness LOVES Halloween

Kacey's friend Asia had a party at Pump It Up she was NOT fond of the big slides but loves the jumping!

The first party was dress-up so she decided to be Snow White Ballerina! You have to LOVE that sweet face:)

Magic shows are GREAT she was the first with her hand up to be an "assistant"!

And she loves birthday parties and magic shows. You can't say she isn't enthusiastic about every single day!!! Last Saturday we had 2 birthday parties and Disney on Ice I was a trainwreck but Kacey pushed through like a champ.
It's birthday weekend so looks for lots of fun photos from the big event(s) next week.


Blogger Sonia had this to say:

Oh, how different Kacey looks with longer hair. SO ADORABLE!! And you know I love the bow pictures ~ bigger the better, I say(: We will miss you both this w-end.


Blogger prechrswife had this to say:

My goodness! I haven't checked in here in awhile. Kacey has grown up so much! Adorable pictures. :-)


Blogger Hannah had this to say:

How cute! My sister would be the exact opposite. Hey i have a new adoption blog... it wouldn't let me use periods for some strange reason! Hannah Smith


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