Thursday, January 26, 2006
I've Been Tagged....

I've been tagged by both Angel and Bonnie so I better fess up!

What were you doing ten years ago?
I was living in Maitland, Florida and working for Popeyes Fried Chicken & Biscuits as a Marketing Manager--a yummy but very fattening job.

What were you doing one year ago?
Flying back from a business trip in Australia (this VERY DAY) when I had my Red Thread moment in the Atlanta Airport. I got serious about adoption the very next day and the rest is history.

Five snacks I enjoy?
1. French Fries (I LOVE french fries w/Ketchup)
2. Chips, Salsa & good homemade guacamole
3. Twizzlers
4. Starburst Fruit Chews
5. diet Coke (if that counts)

Five things I would do if I were a millionaire
1. Start college accounts for all the little ones in my life
2. Buy new cars for everyone I know
3. Pay off my all my families' mortgages
4. Adopt more children
5. NEVER work again...for money!

Five bad Habits
1. Not eating right (see list above)
2. Not exercising enough (but I am walking to China with my July DTC Group)
3. Being a bit short and snippy with people
4. Impatient
5. My Yahoo habit is getting a bit out of hand lately :)

Five things I like doing
1. Laundry, I like to wash it, dry it and not put it away for days!
2. Shopping
3. Working around my house
4. Watching HGTV & Food TV
5. Cooking

Five things I would never wear, buy or get new again
1. Stirrup Pants
2. A Perm
3. Large pattern plaid pants (what was I thinking)
4. ANOTHER diaper bag (I swear)
5. Workout Leotards

Five favorite toys/games
1. Spades
2. Scrabble
3. Freecell on the computer
4. Craps in Vegas or anywhere!
5. Kacey's stroller...I'm having fun just pushing it around the house!

Then select FIVE PEOPLE to TAG!

I'm tagging everyone who reads this on my're it!


Blogger Sharon had this to say:

Here you go (and thanks for all the wonderful updates & photos!):

What were you doing ten years ago?
I was still in St. Louis, MO and sharing an apartment with my sister Marilyn. I had only 7 nieces & nephews instead of the 12 that I have now. I’m not sure if I’d met you Julie by then or not because I think the first time we met was in Jacksonville, FL at Vickie & Tim’s house (before the twins). I was making cinnamon apples for dinner and you came in with Vickie and just chatted away like you’ve known me my whole life and I was a little overwhelmed by you! Who knew where life would have taken us since then J

And funny, I was working for an insurance company (RGA) that had the best benefits ever but they were moving further away so I quit and got a job elsewhere…now I work for MetLife who owns RGA and I’m back to having those wonderful benefits again!

What were you doing one year ago?
I have absolutely no doubt that I was chatting with Emma at the time.

Five snacks I enjoy?
1. Ice Cream (but because of this I don’t eat it often & it makes me cough J)
2. Popcorn (microwave or theater)
3. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (the mini ones) or York Peppermint Patties
4. Rotel Dip and tortilla chips (and that is why Julie never forgets to have it for me whenever she has a party – I MISS YOUR CHRISTMAS PARTIES!!)
5. Celery dipped in peanut butter (I had to throw in a semi-healthy one)

Five things I would do if I were a millionaire
1. Pay off all of my bills & my family’s bills.

2. New houses (and cars) for me, my mom, Marilyn & Beverly.
3. Go to a spa for a year…even though I can’t stand them touching my neck or feet (too ticklish).
4. Work for just one more day and tell every crabby, bitchy customer to go F**K themselves!!!

Five bad Habits
1. Watching too much television &/or movies.
2. Spending too much time on the computer.
3. Being a bit short and snippy with people – I’ll have to keep this one from Julie as I tend to do the same.
4. Impatient – again, stolen from Julie (it’s me all over).
5. Assuming things & trying to read between the lines.

Five things I like doing
1. Chatting on-line.
2. Going out to the movies &/or dinner.
3. Having my family all together for a birthday, Christmas, etc and everyone laughing and getting along.
4. Completing a hard task…I may hate the task itself and I may hate doing the task but when it’s over I feel really good about myself!
5. Going to lunch with my friends at work when we end up laughing, chatting and gossiping so much that we lose track of time and come back late (like yesterday).

Five things I would never wear, buy or get new again
1. GLASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. A Perm – lol yes, I have to agree with you on this one Julie!
3. Capris (short pants just don’t work on me)
4. A Lawnmower if I can help it – yes Julie, your influence again (but sorry, I never picked up the gardening habits…beside I never did get the hostas that you promised me before you moved away!
5. A television for my bedroom (I’d never sleep again if I did this).

Five favorite toys/games
1. Slots at the casino
2. Phase 10 or Russian Rummy card games.
3. Trivial Pursuit (but I can never get anyone to play)
4. Puzzles (a recent addiction of mine)
5. Any of the kid games with the little people in my life (Pretty, Pretty Princess was always very popular).


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