Monday, March 20, 2006
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie He'll Want a Glass of Milk!

I have decided that I am just like the mouse in this story. On another subject if you haven't read the book, one in a series, it's not to be missed! Ok, back to what I was remember, about me and the mouse!

This weekend I was getting out my Easter decorations in honor of the first day of Spring, well I brought up my crates (yes I said crates) from the basement and put out my decorations...this looked very nice but then I a saw my Spring table linens at the bottom of a crate and thought OH I should wash and iron my linens. That was all well and good but after I got done ironing I thought to myself (just like the mouse) I should just go ahead and put them on the dining room table rather than fold them and have to re-iron. That's exactly what I did and guess what? The linens looked so sad on the table all by themselves that I proceeded to pull out the remainder of my decorations and set my table for Easter--4 weeks in advance!!!

It looks quite beautiful but I'm quite sure that my housekeeper is going to be certain that I am delusional now, first it was a finished nursery without a baby, then a garage and now an Easter table a month in advance. Oh well, she'll understand...right Jan? For the next 4 weeks every meal will be eaten at this lovely table, be it pizza or Lean Cuisene it will be enjoyed.

Let's hope by this time next year or MUCH sooner I will not have time for such flights of fancy :)

Please take special not of Kacey's highchair in a position of's been there since last July a log in date gift to myself.


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

I have found myself much like the mouse...or the moose and the muffin lately :) I think mostly it is because we want to rush the seasons away so our sweet girls can come HOME! Your table is beautiful...the tree is too!


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