Thursday, March 09, 2006
A Change of Seasons!

Well it's that time again, when Winter turns to Spring (although my pictures posted in the wrong order) and my thoughts turn to to traveling to China to meet Kacey!

I bought her this very sassy coat on close, close, close-out for less that $10 but then had a bit of buyer's I turning my little one into a "hoochy mama" with stuff like this? I sought some advice from my friend Bob, who has known his share of HM's in his day, and he said..."if you wear size 2-t there is not chance that you can look like hoochy mama it just doesn't happen". I'm going to trust him, go with this theory and hope that it gets cold enough in GA next year for Kacey to look divine in this little number!

The Spring frock, well that is pure me...if they had the little beauty in my size we'd be wearing matching dresses.

Here's to Spring and the growing hope of pretty girls in their pretty dresses running through our flower beds very soon!


Blogger Angel had this to say:

I love them both! I also love your outlook on spring. This is the time for new life/growth...ans our girls!


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