Friday, March 10, 2006
Practice Packing!

Voila Space Bags Save the Day!

Now most of you know that I practically travel for a living so the fact that I am actually having to "practice pack" is truly a bizarre concept for me. Normally, I go to the dry cleaner, do all my laundry, jam some stuff in my suitcase, take some stuff out and rush to the airport with no time to spare.

Well, this my friends is a different ballgame. I've never packed for or traveled with in infant so everything is fair game!

Here's a look at my 1st packing attempt, please keep in mind that there are no clothes, pjs, socks or other wearable items in this entire mess. I don't know what size she will be and just don't know what to pack so this is just her essentials (or what I consider those essentials). I bought the OTC drugs on the packing list and they almost filled the entire suitcase...when I added a couple pair of sunglasses, toys and blankets it was spewing out the top.

Photo number 2 is me with a better grip on the situation and SPACE BAGS which I think are going to save the day! I'm going to pack her clothes and goodies in those and put them in my suitcase, I've decided that if I have to wear the same pair of capris/shorts and shirt everyday that's just fine but Kacey will not want for anything. If I think she might need it, it's going...unreasonable, indeed, but that's that!

Here's hoping I'm doing this for real very soon along with all my buddies in line with me, before me and behind me.


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

For the meds, take everything out of their original box. For bottles, if there is something on the original box you need (like dosage details) then cut that off and rubber band it to the bottle. For blister packs, cut the part off the box you need and stick it in a ziplock sandwich bag with the blister packs. You'd be surprised how much room you can save this way.

Also, I used one of those see through make-up bags for our meds, it let me cram it all into something but I could still look in and see what was where.


Blogger C had this to say:

Great tips for the spacesavers. I just bought mine!! I didn't even think to do a practice pack.
I guess we know what I'll be doing later this weekend!!

Thanks for the link.

Carol lid 6-9-05 for Kate


Blogger M3 had this to say:

Wow!!! You are so organized you're making me feel panicky. I'm the worst packer on the planet - I get all stressy and annoy Rod to no end. I'd better start practicing too. Or at least make a list. Ahhhh, nice soothing lists... :-)


Blogger trk had this to say:

Maybe we could exchange shirts every few days so it would look like we brought 2 outfits for ourselves!



Blogger Angel had this to say:

I'm right there with you! I just told a friend today that the guys and I will have very few (4) outfits but I plan to take at least 10 for Gracie! I want her to have everything from the moment I get her!


Blogger Angel had this to say:

Oh, maybe you need a bigger suitcase! LOL


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