Wednesday, March 15, 2006
South of the Border!

Hola Y'all! It's me writing from Mexico, time for some more postcard installments...well it would be if I hadn't lost my USB cord and the ability to download my pictures :(

Look for lots of new posts over the weekend, I've been in Cancun (still very sad after Hurricane Wilma), Guadalajara & Puerta Vallarta during this busy week. Just trying to make the time pass faster, the busier I am the happier and less stressed I am. Who knew selling steaks could be so therapeutic!

Also look for new photos of my secret garage project which is "muy bueno" if I may say so myself!!!!

Did I tell you guys that I'm also writing Kacey postcards (the real ones with tacky tourist spots) from every city that I've worked in while I wait for her, I tell her about the city or country and add an interesting factoid or two. Someday she can read the postcards and roll her eyes at me in disgust...I can't wait.

One more thing and this is a BIG one...Katie Starr's stork is in the air. The 26 lost GW referrals are winging their way to Austin and should arrive by Friday, I'll bet Lori and Marc are more than a little excited and so are we.

Adios for now.


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