Saturday, June 17, 2006
My Bags are Packed I'm Ready to Go

OK, I'm ready to go. No really, I'm ready to go.

What I've done to prepare:

  1. Nursery complete-check
  2. Extreme shopping-check
  3. Bought everything on every packing list-check
  4. Packed, re-packed, re-packed again-check
  5. Cleaned and organized every room in my house-check
  6. Painted the front door so Kacey feels welcome-check (that one sounds a little crazy even to me)
  7. Followed every BLOG I could find-check

Here is what's left to do:

A referral for Kacey, oh crap that's a big one and out of my control-no check

TA Approval from China-no check

Consulate Appointment-no check

Visa-no check

So as you can see my list of checked items is MUCH bigger than what's left so I'm ready. It's that simple, lets just move this along because I'm ready!!!


Blogger M3 had this to say:

Dang, you ARE ready! You're making me feel a little panicky now. Are you going to come over here and help me get my butt in gear?


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

The room is gorgeous! I wish I had a room big enough to fit a bed and a crib! I love that bed! I love the two-tone pink on the walls. Love the bedding, the accessories. Darn you are good!

And you've bought everything on your packing list? I have no diapers, no medicines, no nothing!


Blogger Angel had this to say:

I bow to the master!
Nursery - check

Extreme shopping - check

packing - I did buy the biggest suitcases I can take...partial check

buying things on packing list- no check

painting front door - that sounds like a good idea!


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Grandma(Susan)is ready to go get Kacey too, we are both too ready. Someone told me if you forget something, there will be someone in your group that has it. THAT WOULD BE US! No one else will have to bring anything except get their baby. Aunt Beck will have to come help me pack, the closet is full.


Blogger Lisa~~ had this to say:

I bow before you, you are so organized!! I haven't even started on the packing lists or buying anything practical. You are the queen!


Blogger Beckie had this to say:

I know the only thing I need to do is to take a trip over to your mother's within the next few weeks to get her organized. I am sure that the airlines will not allow a suitcase large enough to take all that she has bought in preparation for this long awaited trip. She has had too many months to shop for "Susan Bargains".


Blogger C had this to say:

Here's what I've learned after referral....
***If someone is traveling with you, have them get 2 extra passport photos taken and send/give to you.

***Download the Chinese consulate Visa application from your consulate's website and have the person traveling with you sign it and send it to you so you are ready to go.

*** Order Chinese money from your bank so you don't have to stand in line at the airport to pay whatever fee it is you have to pay...

*** Meet you pediatrician and find out if they will give you prescriptions for your daughter before you go. If not GW does have an option for you.

*** Freeze some meals so you aren't hungry AND exhausted when you get back.

*** Get your box ready to go for your daughter at her orphanage. I mailed via USPS because I could declare its value at $0. If your shipping company requires you put any value on it your daughter may not get it because they won't pay tax/duty. Pictures, toys, disposable camera, I did a voice recorded photo album with both our pictures on it. I slept with the blanket before shipping it off so it might smell a little like me.... It takes a week to get there, and if you wait a week (like I did) to get it out, she won't get it for a little while.

*** Put together a "thank you" basket. Thank you notes, stamps, create a spreadsheet with everyone invited to a shower or getting an announcement. I even ordered Kate some stationary with her name on it for thank-yous. It's amazing how many gifts you get from people you don't even know.

Hope it helps!!! I wish someone had told me to do these things before my referral!
Your nursery is fantastic...

dor 5-25-06 for Kate


Blogger Julie had this to say:

Carol, those are excellent tips. I'll begin working on them today, I did get Chinese New Year stamps for and thank you cards already...very cool.

I'll be following your journey!!


Blogger Mama Melissa had this to say:

WOW. you are ready!! I'm not nearly so ready as you are! That is awesome, though. I *am* getting new carpet for my family room and repainting it this week... so, that is something. But all I've done so far in the baby's room is paint it and fill it will stuff... in no particular order... and still need a bed and some important items... ugh! It'll get done, though! :)

LID 10/31/05


Blogger Pug Mama had this to say:

You are too funny!!!!!


Blogger trk had this to say:

holy crap! (Can I say that on a blog?) You ain't kiddin' around. I usually consider myself pretty organized, but I must bow to the master. You are my new yardstick to measure up to. I've got to get busy on getting everything ready.

I showed your post to my dh and he said, "That's impressive. Find out where she is staying so we know where to go to borrow all the things we forgot!" :)

You 7/8 LID Buddy


Blogger Tracy C. had this to say:

what a pretty room and Holy Cow that closet is absolutley stuffed. I can't wait to see Kacey and I hope you get a pic of her in each and every one of those outfits!


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