Thursday, June 08, 2006
11 Months-Kindness-Perspective

I've got a few things on my mind today so I thought I'd roll them all into one post and get back to the day!

First, it's June 8th, the 11 month anniversary of my log in date--you've got to be kidding me I should be home hanging out at the pool with sweet Kacey by now. Instead I'll celebrate with a Lean Cuisene Pannini (my favorite) for lunch and whatever is in the fridge for dinner, BLAH.

I must admit that this month finds me much more sane and grounded than others have, I think I may just be numb. Don't worry, I'm sure that the next round of referrals will rattle my cage to the good or to the bad :) Maybe I'll skip my post for the 1 year anniversary or go buy myself some expensive and beautiful stationary, if I remember correctly the 1st anniversary is paper so that may work!!! I love writing thank you notes (a weird thing I forgot to add to the 6 odd things about me) so the stationary would be well loved and used.

Next is kindness, NEVER underestimate the kindness of other people! As you know my Mom retired from her job at the end of the school year and one of the wonderful parents (Kim L.) made Kacey this beautiful growth chart. Can you believe it, the pictures absolutely do not do it justice. It's hand painted and she sewed a beautiful border around it and the most amazing thing is conduct research on the internet to write Kacey's name in Chinese characters. I don't even know this kind woman and she made us something that my family will cherish for many, many years. Thanks Kim, I'm dragging the chart around with me in my car to show everyone who will look!

Last is perspective, just like many of you who read my BLOG people ask constantly WHEN I'm going to get my referral. Well for the last week or two my resigned self has been saying with confidence (I know, I know, why would I have any confidence) that it will be late August. To me August is a tragedy but to ALL the people I've told lately (every single one) they say "WOW that's so soon I bet you are very excited"! So really it's all about your perspective on things, I tend to dwell on the fact that I've been waiting forever and others celebrate that fact that I will have my picture of Kacey before a single leaf turns brown in North GA. I think I'm going to change my tactic and celebrate August my youngest brother was born in August, I love the month of August. It's a warm and lazy month, really too hot in the South to do much around the house, better spent with a nice cool glass of wine, trashy magazines and a couple of hours at the pool.

Stay cool y'all!


Blogger Pug Mama had this to say:

Love this post Julie! Your growth chart in lovely, I'm going to have to look into making something like that for Ava. What is the material that she was able to paint on?
And by the way, August is a GREAT month!!! (my birthday) Hope to see you at our house for the Aug. 5th get together. (with your referral picture in hand!!!)


Blogger Angel had this to say:

I would settle for August at this point but I'm still sticking with my theme song, Wake me up when September ends. :-)

Hang in there...we'll make it to our girls.


Blogger Mama Melissa had this to say:

Yes, perspective... August is just around the corner!! I'd be excited, too! :) I won't probably get my referral til closer to the end of the year...

Thank you for sharing. I can't wait to hear about your referral!

LID 10/31/05


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