Friday, June 02, 2006
Lisa with a LID of July 8th

I didn't know how else to get in touch with you so I thought I'd write you your own post!!! We have a very nice YAHOO group for Great Wall Families logged in on July 8th, we've got 11 of us signed up and would love to have you too. Just click on the link and follow the prompts for an invitation.

It will be great to know the people that we'll travel with or at least meet up with the second week at the White Swan!

If the link does not work just email me at and I'll fix you right up. If I had a picture of you I'd have added it to this interesting post :) :)


Blogger trk had this to say:

I'm not Lisa, but I'm Traci with a LID of July 8! I can't believe you guys have a group of now 12 families from your agency. My agency told me that we are the only family from their office on July 8. I've been wondering who we will travel with. Anyway, I hope to have the chance to wave and say "hey aren't you that blogging lady from Georgia" as you hang with your group! Sorry if I'm a little loopy... i blame it on the wait!


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