Wednesday, May 31, 2006
Good Bye Hong Kong!

I left Hong Kong today for home, while that might sound great and the getting home part is great. Leaving Hong Kong one more time without Kacey was very painful, I certainly hope to see Hong Kong again very, very soon. I don't think I can make another business trip there until referral, just don't think this tired heart can take it.

The people of Hong Kong are just terrific they've been so supportive during the entire adoption process, I've got translators on stand-by, an offer for a Chinese Work Visa if I need it and last but not least another offer to take the train over to Guangzou to spring Kacey out of the SWI!!! My buddies are as tired as my brothers are with this continued wait.

It'll be June in a few hours and I will be one month closer to Kacey. July would sure be a nice month for a referral, it's such a happy month!!!

May 31st was Dragon Boat day in Hong Kong, the parties started early and were scheduled to go late into the night. Good thing I got out early.



Blogger Beckie had this to say:

I'm thinking that a referral would be a nice birthday gift for someone special in July!!!!


Blogger Lisa had this to say:

Hi Julie,
My husband and I are also LID July 8, and are also using Great Wall. I assume we will meet in China -- hopefully soon. I love reading your BLOG. Hang in there! (I thought I commented one time before, but now am not seeing it, so I'm trying again).


Blogger Julie had this to say:

Lisa of July 8th, why don't you join our YAHOO group. It's really a nice group logged in on July 8th, we've already got a reunion planned--no referrals but a reunion :)

Email me at and I'll send you the link. I can't answer back from the comments!


Blogger M3 had this to say:

I agree 100% -- July would be a perfectly lovely month for a referral. :-) Come on July!!!!! Julie and I are waiting!


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