Friday, July 21, 2006
The ticker says 4 days they better get a move on...

I've been way too sad to post. There's no new news and nothing but crummy rumors! Still holding out hope that I don't have to revise the ticker.

The lucky ladybug skirt is coming out of the closet on Monday--maybe that's what the CCAA is waiting for. I also added my ladybug garden flag as of yesterday, I hope CCAA is checking out my house on Googgle Earth so that they know I'm ready! Bad news, the special purchase has not arrived yet--it shipped on the 19th so I HOPE referrals are not waiting on it!!!! Just in case I'm posting a picture to get me through the weekend without it, this baby just brings a smile to my face! Aren't I going to be FINE looking in my ladybug skirt with my ladybug purse and my ladybug keychain and to think folks wonder why I'm not married! Can you say over the top??? Sure you can!

To all my early/mid July friends, hang in there it can't be much longer can it? Now that was a silly question.


Blogger M3 had this to say:

Awesome purse! Hang in there, I'm so sorry we didn't hear something this week. And the CCAA is closed for the weekend now, so nothing we can do but unclench and try to relax until Sunday evening (when we can start the vigilent watch all over again).

Please, please CCAA send notice soon!

Big hugs Julie,


Blogger Lisa~~ had this to say:

The purse is adorable and I'm sure it along with your lady bug skirt will get CCAA moving and referrals in the mail! Hugs to you and try to have a good weekend!


Blogger Angel had this to say:

I almost bought that purse at Brighton last week! Great minds...

I will be wearing my Coach ladybug shoes this weekend with my ladybug necklace, anklet and my lucky mommy tshirt. Surely it will bring good luck to all the July Dragonflies.


Blogger Georgia had this to say:

Snap, girl! You got style.


Blogger Life with JJ, Starr and Spice had this to say:

We are having an FCC-South Florida Dim Sum Luncheon Saturday and all of the attendees will have ladybugs on their name tags. There will be almost 100 attendees. That amount of ladybugs has to bring Kacey to you!!



Blogger Christi and Abbey had this to say:

That is so cute! I know each day must seem like an eternity. Joy is right around the corner for you!


Blogger Julie had this to say:

100 ladybugs at the Dim Sum lunch that ought to just about do it for me, and Angel and M3 and Christi & Lisa!!!! Thanks Lori.


Blogger trk had this to say:

Darn, I'm going to have to find another luncheon and make them wear ladybugs. It sounds like you have all the Florida ones reserved! :) I'm busting out the ladybug necklace that my sister bought for the baby. I'm thinking maybe I need to wear it so she can feel it's presence and know it's time to come claim it!!



Blogger Anna had this to say:

I'm going to start wearing my adoption bracelet for you to bring on those referrals!! Also, does a ladybug swimsuit count as a ladybug siteing? If so, I saw a ladybug today. One of the little girls in Molly's swimclass had a ladybug on her swimsuit! I'll take that as a good sign!

dd Molly


Blogger Mary had this to say:

I am keeping my fingers and toes and anything else I can cross, crossed for you! This past week was very frustrating with all of the strange rumors. I am hoping that you will see your sweet baby's face this week! I am looking forward to reading all about her!!!


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Julie, you crack me up! You had me cackling out loud! I feel your pain....I remember it clearly. I cannot wait to see your sweet baby! Hang in is going to happen.

P.S. Do what ever you need to do to bring on those referrals, but if you show up to one of our lunches in all your lady bug garb...don't sit next to crazy lady!:)


Blogger Tamara had this to say:

What a cute purse. I think you are officially the ladybug gal.


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Don't be sad shop girl. I just put my special ladybug necklace on, heck, I'd EAT ladybugs if it would bring those pokey referrals!

Here's hopin' and prayin' THIS IS THE WEEK! I cannot keep eating this way.

Perhaps if I

click, click, click,.....I will lose some tonnage!

We be hangin'!

the other julie


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