Tuesday, August 08, 2006
Love in a shoebox...

How much love can you fit into a shoebox? A lot if you wear size 10's!

I've packed and unpacked my box 20 times and now I must stop and take it to the post office for the trip across the big water to the Lu'An CWI. If I had wings I'd take it myself and drop it directly on the doorstep:)

With much thought and many mind changes here's what I finally included for Kacey and her friends at Lu'An: red book of questions for the Nannies to answer, camera, cozy blanket (thanks uncle Jim), Snoodle (comfort item which I've been sleeping with and kind of miss), photo album, bright colored picture book, beanie baby, gum and hard candy for the nannies, crayons and paper for the older children and finally a Mickey Mouse plush toy from Nana and Grandpa in Florida. I know that these are things that they need at her CWI and I have absolutely no problem with them keeping them when Kacey leaves, except of course the camera and question book which I hope that she brings with her! I've purchased doubles of everything and will bring it with me to China, maybe she will not only recognize me from my pictures but from her goodies too.

I went back and forth on an outfit and finally decided not to include one, I would like for her to have something special from the CWI and I think that her clothes would be a wonderful item to preserve for when she is older. I'll go shopping and get a couple of outfits (complete with split pants) in China before we are united so that I can replace the outfit that she comes to me in.

P.S. A major omission from Monday's entry, I forgot to wish Nana Susan a very happy birthday! I know that she had a good one and is very happy with her gift, a trip to China to meet her first grandchild :)


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

You made some great choices there. I think she will love it. I love the pictures of your daughter. She is beautiful


Blogger Tamara had this to say:

It must feel so good to be able to make contact with your baby through a care box, I know the Nanny's will appreciate the goodies for them too.


Blogger Life with JJ, Starr and Spice had this to say:


Love that comment about the size 10 shoes; boy can I relate :) Kacey and the nannies are going to love the wonderful items that you picked with such love and care. What a good mommy you are!



Blogger Christi and Abbey had this to say:

You look very cute in that picture by the map, be sure and save it for your daughter. And that crib pic is the best! Would you mind explaining more about the red book for the nannies, it seems like I read about it somewhere. I was going to send questions but I like the idea of a keepsake and maybe they will be more apt to fill it out if it's fancy. I can't imagine how your heart must feel at this point in the wait.


Blogger trk had this to say:

What a fun collection of goodies. Kacey will know as soon as they arrive that her momma is thinking about her and that she is loved.

How are you sending your care package? Are you using a service or shipping on your own?


Blogger Kim had this to say:

Please do tell more about the red book - I am having a tough time printing off translated questions - all my computer gives me are boxes in place of the Chinese symbols....Thank You!


Blogger Angel had this to say:

What an amazing feeling it must be to send that package. I really hope your questions get answered. I've read that several people have gotten theirs back with answers. I have mine waiting to send to Gracie.


Blogger Anna had this to say:

What a great package and I would have never thought of buying 2 of everything! Happy Belated Birthday to Grandma Susan - I miss her and hope to see her soon (with you and Kacey, of course!)


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