Monday, October 13, 2008
Birthday Palooza!

Kacey & Cousin Austin Bouncing it UP!
Kacey and Brianna enjoy Chuck E

Bailey enjoys the party too! Asia, Kacey & Bri waiting for CAKE.
Kacey figures out checkers and beats me her very first game...princess checkers of course!

We haven't even reached the official "big day" and 2 parties have been enjoyed. We had all the pre-school friends at Chuck E Cheese at 10AM on Saturday (a very calm time at the Chuck) then had the family and neighborhood buddies over to the house in the afternoon for a bounce in the Castle Bouncehouse followed by a very necessary swim (it was HOT). Of course all the parties were princess themed and Kacey was decked out in dresses for each occaision taking a break only to wear her swimsuit in the pool. I'm trying to explan that she can't wear sundresses as winter but we wake up to 75 degrees everyday so I'm having a very tough time of it:(

Kacey had a blast at her parties and was so darned excited it was infectious. I took 1/2 day off on Friday to get the house ready and decorate with no "help" from my little helper. I didn't really think anything of it but when Kacey came home that night she thought that the Princesses had come to her house to get it ready for the party I was amazed. She was so honored that they would come over from their castle to get ready for her party she looked in every room to see if they were still there! I then had to explain that they had to hurry back to "work dinner" at the castle and that made her very happy. She left a flower on the table for them in case they came back which I promptly forgot to remove after she went to sleep which caused a little drama in the AM. I'm going to have to set a double tooth fairy alarm when we get to that point!!!

Enjoy the photos it was a wonderful time we enjoyed all our visitors and missed everyone who wasn't with us.


Blogger shelley had this to say:

Great cake!! I am going to try that for Claire. Happy Birthday from The Smiths (all five of us).


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