Monday, March 27, 2006
Restaurant Activity Bag!

This post is for you first timers out there like me, you BTDTs (been there done thats) will all be saying well of course you need that.

The subject is "the restaurant bag", you utilize this bag strictly in restaurants (or the DMV and places like that where waiting is involved) it stays in the car and isn't played with in the house to keep it fresh & effective.

This bag will save your sanity, I promise, when the little one is waiting for his or her food or just doesn't want to eat in the restuarant and is getting ready to explode you pull out "the bag", just seeing "the bag" has soothed the savage baby many times and many dinners have be rescued by "the bag" in just my limited experience.

What's in this magic bag you may ask? Well here's the contents of my friend's bag and this one is a proven winner (3 kids) so we'll go with it: crayons, coloring books, books (old and without value-think ketchup & juice stains), little toys of the FREE variety from Wendy's & McDonalds things you don't mind losing and NEW free toys from Wendy's & McDonalds waiting to be opened for the serious baby meltdown. That's it, it's not expensive or trendy it's just useful.

I am now the proud owner of a hand-me-down restaurant bag and couldn't be any happier! Not only do I have oodles of toy, crayons, books etc. my friend Danielle and her daughter Peyton (former owner) have even been saving me the NEW toys for Kacey's bag. All I had to do was throw the stuff in the wash and I am ready to go :) Thanks girls!

Don't laugh this one off, no matter if you are waiting for a boy, girl or twins (Mary Mia) you NEED this bag! You'll be thanking me the first time you are out in your favorite Mexican, Italian, Steakhouse Restaurant and need to pull it out.

Dinner is served and everyone is happy...BRILLIANT!


Blogger M3 had this to say:

Oh yeah!!! That bag is a GREAT idea. I definitely need one. I'm adding it to my "cool things" list right now.


Blogger trk had this to say:

This is great. Now I have something to do with all the crap, I mean stuff that my husband has sitting around the house. I knew those Star Wars dolls, I mean action figures would be useful one day.


Blogger C had this to say:

Good to know about this!!!
I was unaware of the restuarant bag. I have, however, been known to carry a little somthin' in my purse for my nephew when on vacation....


Blogger Laura had this to say:

What an excellent idea! We have an almost 2 year old and there have been SO many times where we don't have any "entertainment" for her in the diaper bag. Or we were out running errands and decided to go eat lunch on the spur of the moment. I think the key is to be sure to always leave it in the car. I am making ours up this weekend.
dd Avery ~ born in Youyang, China
Paperchasing for dd#2


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Please make those crayons big kindergarden crayons...little ones and bored children in car seats equals broken pieces up noses. (none of MY darlings would do this of course but I have been called upon for emergency aid of friends children! lol) 24 years ago I saved a child from strangling to death on a black colorform type toy, so seriously, be careful of those. I didn't hear cheerios in that bag..but honey nut cheerios inventor gets my eternal gratitude...even 2 year old stale, been in the car forever ones, most kids will eat. I have a magnet set that is similar to the colorforms except of course they don't bend, but the back board is smaller than an 8.5 x 11, so my little guy can sit it on his lap and it is light weight even though it is magnetized. Then he takes the pieces off the back and puts them on the front to 'tell a story'..we have one of a zoo and one of a scene with a boy and girl and clothes that go on like paper doll clothes. That got us through a three hour legal paper chase appointment in a grand public library type setting. (sitting at a large table with many others at nearby tables with only the scratching noise of signatures... Best to you all.


Blogger Michelle had this to say:

What a great idea! I will be putting one of these toegether for sure. Thanks!


Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

OHHH! I need a restaurant bag. Where can I get one... you may have a great idea for a new product on your hand! Hmmm...I wonder if they have restaurant bags for husbands.



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