Friday, August 18, 2006
Alive & Kickin' In Brazil

When your Mom ask why you haven't posted an entry for a week you know that you are getting behind!!!!!!

I'm alive, kicking and working in Brazil this week without my camera cord :( I promise that I'll catch up when I get back tomorrow complete with pictures and maybe even a surprise or 2.

TA's (Travel Approval) for this last batch of referrals are starting to arrive and the tension is mounting, I am ready to go. Failure to travel before the October holidays is unacceptable I hope all the powers that be understand that fact!!!!

BTW, Brazil is positively gorgeous during their Winter!


Blogger M3 had this to say:

Wow, Brazil! You have a pretty dang cool life, Julie!

TA's came in yesterday for 2 tiny agencies. No word yet on the big agencies, probably since they take so much longer to send back their acceptances. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. No sweat on travel before October though - you're a shoe in! :-)

PS: when I finally saw your update pop up in my Bloglines this morning, my first thought was "Hmph, she's not posting enough" - honest to god! And this was before I even read your first sentence. Too funny!


Blogger Anna had this to say:

You will travel before October! No doubt!

dd Molly


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