Thursday, June 14, 2007
Having Fun...Wish You Were Here!

Kacey and I are having a great time in Florida we finally got into our new house on Sunday and thanks to Nana and Pop we are getting organized and settled at a very fast clip.

The new job is great but as always the ramp up is tough work and that together with a move has made the last few weeks a challenge and a half!

Here are a few new pictures of Kacey at the beach, she's gettting to be such a big girl.


Blogger Mary had this to say:

Welcome to FL! We hope you two are very happy here in the Sunshine State!


Blogger M3 had this to say:

Hooray!! Great to get an update, I've been thinking about you guys. Best of luck with finishing the unpacking and getting settled in the new job.


Blogger dawn had this to say:

Wow you really have been gone a while! Kacey is such a big girl now and with so much hair that she now allows to flap in the sunny breezes.

Good luck settling in. Pretty soon it will all be old hat.


Blogger Sonia had this to say:

Glad to hear from you! Kacey looks great and so happy! We sure do miss you guys.


Blogger shelley had this to say:

So glad to hear you are settling in. That is one beautiful bathing beauty you have there. She seems to be growing by leaps and bounds!!



Blogger Pixel Fairy Princess had this to say:

Kacey looks like she is having a blast on the beach!

I can't believe how much she has changed over the past year! Wow!

Glad that you are back in blog world!


Blogger Diane had this to say:

welcome back! i have been wating for some updated pictures! glad you are settling in OK. moving is no fun!


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