Monday, February 23, 2009
The Earrings!

A smooch for the support during the earring appointment.

Little Miss Hard to Get

Celebrating the earrings and looking good.

Kacey has had earrings from her (and my) dear friend Augusta that were purchased in Peru since before she got home from China and she opens the drawer and oohs and ahhs over them 2-3 times a week. Things were so crazy when we got home I just didn't get her ears pierced then by the time I was ready Kacey was NOT going for it. Last week as she looked longingly at the earrings she announced "I am ready to get holes in my ears and wear these earrings!" Well I explaned that she would have to wear special earring for the first weeks but when that was over she could put the well loved earrings on. Bob was in town for the weekend so I thought great I have a sucker (errr friend) to help me out let's do it today. Now unlike my dear buddy Lori I did not get pictures of the actual event. Why you may ask...well Bob was holding Kacey in his lap and I was in the hallway feeling like I was going to faint. Kacey came through like a champ and I was colorless for some time! It is the same feeling I had when she had to get a broken tooth fixed at the dentist...they say watching your children get things done is much worse that doing it yourself I wasn't sure I believed that until now:)


Blogger Diane had this to say:

brave girl! and mommy too! they look beautiful. I asked jena if she wanted earings like Stef and her reply was 'nope- i like my ears just the way they are'.


Blogger Sonia had this to say:

Cute, cute, cute. Kailee hasn't asked for this yet (keeping my fingers crossed for a few more years!!)


Blogger Tammie had this to say:

Yay for Kacey!! Her new earrings are beautiful.


Blogger Candy had this to say:

Congratulations Kacey. You look beautiful. Julie - I totally understand how you felt. I'm not good when it comes to things like this. David held Rachel on his lap, but I did take pictures.


Blogger shelley had this to say:

WOO HOO....good job Kacey!! Claire doesn't like the idea of earrings just now...."it hurts a little I think" but she loved yours.


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