Sunday, May 14, 2006
Mother's Day Addendum

Ok, so Mother's Day was not so hot for me but for a couple of people I know and hold dear it was the GREATEST!

Congrats to Lori, Marc and Justin they met Miss Katie Starr today in Gansu you can check out the photos at www.thestoryofyou click on the In China Now tab then Katie Starr for photos of the happy day. More happiness in another province where my July Secret Pal Z and her husband T were united with the lovely Katrena. A common thread, both of those precious babies drove quite a distance to meet their forever families and their first photos feature little sleeping angels :)

All in all, maybe Mother's Day is OK, it just depends on where you are sitting in the line.! I think I'll just be thrilled for my buddies and in the immortal words of the Chicago Cubs..."wait 'til next year!!!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all the first timers and to all my BTDT friends around the country and of course a BIG HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to my Mom, Susan who is celebrating in South Florida and having no problem at all toasting the coming arrival of her first grandchild.


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