Thursday, May 25, 2006
39 Beautiful Girls, OH MY!

Great Wall received referrals for 39 sweet girls, they come from Guangdong Province (10), Hubei Province (15), Jiangxi Province (12), Guangxi Province (2).

Isn't that just delightful! I bet that there are 39 families that won't sleep tonight or if they do they'll have sweet dreams of their girls. Some families expanded and some were made today, what great gifts.

At Great Wall these gifts were delivered via email, with the holiday on Monday the staff wanted to get the packages out so they asked families about a email versus a call...well to get your package to show off for an entire 3-day weekend the answer was yes, yes, yes. I know they missed out on "the call" but they'll get so much more via FedEx.

It's funny every time somone asks me if I've heard I tell them that they'll hear when I hear. Then I say, some people have babies naturally, some via c-section and I'm going to have one via email. The good thing about that...I can just push forward and share my joy :)

This is what it's all about folks, this is why we stay strong and continue to wait our turn!!!


Blogger Sonia had this to say:

Hi Julie! 39 girlie girls ~ WOW! It's getting closer and closer to sweet Kacey!


P.S. Joanie is a godsend ~ she did just what you said she would...she's a little bulldog & was able to find us FF seats on NW. More details later...thanks for referring us to this wonderful lady!


Blogger M3 had this to say:

Thirty nine. Wow! Very cool. That will be us someday... :-)


Blogger trk had this to say:

Email, call, note on a paper airplane - don't care. Just get me a referral.


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