Sunday, May 21, 2006
Special Day for Mom

This has to be a short post because I really am going to Korea now but I wanted to thank Terri, Kathy and everyone else involved for throwing my Mom a GREAT retirment party. It was absolutely fantastic and she was both surprised and overwhelmed at the wonderful turnout of all her friends, old ones and new ones.

Jimmy, Kevin and I have always been so proud of our Mom and seeing how well she was loved by her friends and co-workers it was absolute validation of how we've always felt about her.

The bad news, I have this fancy new camera and somehow I turned off the flash function, everyone kept telling me it wasn't going off but it said "automatic" and I continued to trust the camera...silly me!!! Oh well, I'll try and fix the rest of the pictures with photoshop but for now I'll just post one of my favorites of Terri, Kathy and Mom.

I'll leave you all with the quote of the day from my brother Kevin, he said "I thought Mom only loved and cared about me like I find out she loves and cares for ALL these people. What's up with that?" I told him not to worry as the baby of the family he'll always be her favorite:)


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