Monday, August 28, 2006
Where is Kacey?

I've neglected to post a map of China showing where Kacey currently resides, here it is! She is in Lu'An which is in Anhui Province (it's a green one just above Jiangxi). The capital is Hefei and we will be staying there when we travel to meet her, as I understand it the trip is about 2 hours and the babies will be brought to Hefei to meet their forever families--I can't wait!

She won't be there for long though, Nana and I leave on September 13th with a planned "gotcha day" the 18th, below is our exciting flight plan--did I mention that I was ready to go? Well I am!


Wednesday 13SEP Continental Air Flight #1154 leave ATLANTA @ 8:15A

Arrive NEWARK @ 10:33A Wed

Continental Air #89 leave NEWARK @ 12:10PM

Arrive BEIJING CHINA @ 1:45P (the next day, September 14th)

Coming Home!!!

Thu 28SEP Northwest Flight #10 LV GUANGZHOU @ 8:20 AM

Arrive TOKYO-NARITA @ 2:00PM

Leave TOKYO Northwest Flight #20-NARITA @ 3:25PM

Arrive MINNEAPOLIS @ 12:05PM (Kacey becomes a US citizen)

Leave MINNEAPOLS/S Northwest Flight #394 @ 3:25P

Arrive HOME, 6:54P --And they lived happily ever after...see you at the airport!


Blogger Sonia had this to say:

We'll be there with bells on(: Can't wait to see that precious little girl in your arms.


Blogger Deb had this to say:

We will be following your journey!
Safe travels


Blogger Beckie had this to say:

Sorry we can't be there to greet you when you arrive home. But we will look forward to seeing you when you and your "DAUGHTER" make your Florida trek. How exciting. Kacey will be my first great-niece. I will be following your blog closely, while you and Nana are in China. Love, Aunt Beck


Blogger C had this to say:

I took the same flight to Minneapolis when I travelled.
You'll go through the "new immigrants" line at immigrations, but the airport is huge. We were late and almost missed our connecting flights... I nearly dragged my Mom and my daughter through that airport. If you can ask for help with a cart of something.... They might get you to your gate easier and you will have an easier time than we had.

Immigration and customs took awhile AND you have to go through security again...

Good luck- I wish you great happiness on your trip...


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