Wednesday, July 16, 2008
The Day the World Changed

October 2005-August 2006-July 2008

2 years ago today the world changed. Not for everyone but certainly for me...after a long wait I became a mother via email. A 45 year old mother of a 20 month old! How's that for life changing? Come to find out it was the start of the greatest days of my life. First a trip to China with a group of fantastic people then "gotcha day" which is when the real fun started. I finally got to meet Lu Xiao Mei in all of her glory, she was scared and beautiful I was scared and sweaty we were a match made in heaven. How I loved that child from the first moment I saw her face on my computer screen and how I love her more every single day even during those brief moments that I don't like her very much.
Who could have guessed that a picture on computer screen could change the world! Not me beforehand but now I am a believer. The matching room was right on and they placed me with the perfect child. She is smart, strong, spunky, funny and a big pain in the rear on occaision. I have no idea what cosmic dust those folks spread around that ugly government office but I think it must be pixie dust that allows them to get into the minds and souls of people a world away, people that they will never meet. I could not have asked for anything more from them but I got it Kacey loves me as much as I love her. My favorite Kacey line of the week my folks had friends in town that she adores my mom was getting ready to bring her home after I got home from work and she said to my mom's friends, "I'm going to miss you but I've got to go see my mommy"! She was out the door and in the car on her way to see her mommy and her mommy was glad to see her too.
Just how to show how much Kacey has changed these past two years I went back and checked her stats from her first doctor's appointment in October 2006 (not quite 2 years ago) she was 22.4 lbs and in the 5th percentile and 32.75" tall in the 25th percentile. On July 21 she weighed in at 33 lbs. +10.6 and was 38.5" tall +almost 4 inches. Wow it's amazing what love and a healthy diet will do for a girl. I'm not even going to discuss the weight I've gained without getting ANY taller:)
A last note to any waiting parents who may stop by I know that wait is long right now but do not give up please do not give up. These children need you and more than that you need them. Whether it is your 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th child the addition to your family will be priceless you will thank your lucky stars and God every single day. I know my wait was short in comparision but please take my word for the fact that if China was still open to singles I'd be right back in line with you waiting my turn and I would keep going back until there were no children sitting in orphanages waiting to be loved! I'd do it again (and again) in a minute I'd wait as long as it took and longer if asked. Hang in there I hope and pray that after the Olympics are complete things will speed up for all of you. Can't wait to see your referal pictures!

Thank you Kacey Susan Xiao Mei for changing my world and making me a better person I owe you a Dove Bar (or 2). In advance thanks to all those waiting parents for hanging in there, your fellow familes are with you in spirit!
47 year old mother of a 3 year old!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008
Fashion Statements...

Three little beauties!

We had a great time swimming and eating pizza with our friends this weekend. The girls got into the new birthday make-up and boy were they pretty...they then marched out onto the patio and had a fashion show. WOW who taught them to walk like that those skinny models better watch out they have some serious competition!

Such sweet girls such BAD make-up Grace showed quite a bit of restraint Emme and Kacey were full on!

Monday, July 07, 2008
Another Birthday Another 4th of July

Trevor, Kacey & Annie Hamming it Up!
Diva in a box from Terri, Syd & Alexis
Me, Kacey, Carolyn & Annie taking a break
Kacey gets a fishing lesson from Bob you couldn't pry the pole away from her!
Kacey & Alexis after bath attire.

Summer is in full swing around our house. We just survived another birthday (me) and 4th of July weekend. Let me just tell you guys that I think 3 day weekends are highly under rated I even took an additional vacation day Thursday to make it 4. Life is good!!!!

Here are few pictures...we had tons of fun at the Dixon's on Friday then again at our house with Terri, Syd , Alexis & Nana (Pop had a bug) at our house on Saturday. Having Bob for the entire weekend was an added bonus he and Kacey had some excellent fishing time:)

Stay cool!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008
Sunday Morning...

Just in case you every wondered what Kacey and I do on Sunday mornings here are a few photos. Let me set this up for you...I said come on Kacey let's get dressed and head out to the yard to pull weeds. She said OK I'll pick out something to wear and viola out she came in her pink fairy dress complete with tiara. She was the best looking lawn person in Tampa that Sunday.

Chasing Kacey

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