Thursday, March 29, 2007
Must Have Green Beans!

Here's what happened Sunday morning when Kacey happened on the extra case of green beans...

Keeping up on current events!

Who says the youth today don't read the paper? Kacey loves to read the paper, at a REALLY close angle!

Thursday, March 22, 2007
Pollen Stinks!

I faced my first illness this week and heaven help me if Kacey ever gets really sick! The fun started on Saturday with a huge sneezing fit followed by a bloddy nose for the remainder of the day not a constant drip just every now and then (gross) on Sunday her eyes started watering and her nose started dripping even harder! I knew it must be allergies and gave her Dimatapp hoping that would help, all this time she acts like she feels absolutely fine and dandy! Monday, she wakes up fine I give her a dose of "D" and off we go when I pick her up I get the daycare note "if your child continues to have a runny nose for 3 days you will be required to take her to the doctor and get a release to be admitted back into school", yikes for a working single mom that's big deal. So I give her another dose of "d" on Monday night and she sleeps fine and wakes up fine, I have a huge meeting at work so off she goes to school (day #2 of the drip).

At 10:30AM that morning the receptionist is standing at the window motioning for me to come out, daycare is on the line, Kacey is feeling rotten, her nose is running and she scratched her face trying to itch her eyes. What in the heck am I going to do, so I say to daycare..."can you keep her until 2:30 or do I need to come get her immediately, they say sure she can stay we just wanted to let you know", let me know I almost had a hard (that would be HEART finally proofed this post) attack!!!!! I pick her up at 3 and she's not even ready to come home, she's having a snack and a grand old time. Meanwhile, I've already scheduled a doctors appointment for the next morning where they confirm my allergies diagnosis tell me to give her Claratin and most importantly give me the magic note that keeps little miss in school and me earning a living!

She feels much better and I have more gray hair...this new mother thing is a thrill a minute ride:)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007
You've Come a Long Way Baby!

Kacey's referral picture at 18 month's

One week home at 23 months, wondering what that crazy lady is doing.

Chinese New Year 2007 @ 28 months

My American girl talking to Pop last weekend.

It's been 6 months since I had the great honor to be presented with Kacey Susan XiaoMei by the officials in Hefei, Anhui, China and it has been the best 1/2 year of my life! I could never in a million posts express how grateful I am for this child and how I cherish her above all else. She tries my patience, makes me laugh, makes me cry and fills my days and nights (long nights sometimes) with love and fun. She's come so far from the screaming, scared little girl I met on September 18th that sometimes I forget what it was like in China and when we first got home, but then we open her photo album or I click back through my BLOG and it all comes back. My friends with bio babies tell me it's like labor, after some time you forget everything but the wonderful parts!!!

Kacey is such a funny little girl, she runs her daycare class with an iron fist and tells everyone to "cheese" for pictures but she won't most times. She sings along to every song whether she knows the words or not and sings so loud and proud that sometimes I think maybe she's got the lyrics right and it's me who's off the mark. Outside is her favorite place to be and anytime things get tough (usually beween 5 & 7PM) we head out to ward off the demons that come to call during that time. The girl can eat, she loves chicken and green beans but if you ask her what she wants for dinner it's ALWAYS chicken and french fries which she dunks in HUGE amounts of ketchup. She can slurp noodles like nobody's business, really long, not a problem for Kacey I think she just stores them halfway then eats the next bite! When we get ready to go to bed at night she holds my face in both hands and gives me a big kiss, no matter how many times that happens it still takes my breath away.

I really had no idea how much I could love someone, I knew from the beginning of the adoption process that I would work hard to be the best mom possible but I wasn't sure that I had the ability to feel the depths of feelings that other parents had told me about...I was wrong I'd gladly walk through fire for my sweet girl but sure hope I don't have to.

You've come a long way baby Kacey and I look forward to loving you and watching you grow for many, many, many years to come.

Congratulations on 6 months to all my travel mates (this includes the Ska-Doodle gang), what a grand life adventure we are all on!

Pictures for PopPop

Flowers in the front yard and playing with Bob the puppy!

Jumping on the trampoline with Brooke and Peyton then a little rest.

Pop is manning the home front while Nana helps me out this week so these pictures are for you dad. Thanks for sending in the reinforcements:)

Thursday, March 08, 2007
The first boo boo x2

Kacey also got her first boo boo while visiting, she fell in the driveway running to get the paper. Just as it started to get much better we came home and she fell off the stairs, she stands on the 2nd stair trying to reach the counter (by the way I've moved everything off) and has since she got home, every single time I head over, tell her she's going to fall and get her down! This time I was not quick enough and down she went, right onto the boo boo now it has a bruise too. The good news, now she looks at the steps and says "fall down", don't know how much longer that will last so I guess the gate goes back up!!!

Florida Fun!

Kacey had a great time down in Florida while I was away. She got to play with her new friends Katie Starr, Megan & Conner and meet many of her extended family. Nana did a great job taking pictures so I didn't miss a minute.


Tuesday, March 06, 2007
Remember Me?

Kacey and Katie Starr having tea, note the bird headband which Kacey decided was a nice replacement for her tiara that was left in Atlanta.

This tea party was complete with snacks and seems like a lot more fun than working to me!

Just thought I'd drop a quick post to let everyone know that we hadn't dropped off the face of the earth! I worked in Brazil last week and Kacey stayed with Nana and Pop in Florida, it was a little spring break out of the cold and she had a BLAST. She went to the beach, had play dates & tea parties fed the ducks and fish and just generally had a "toddler good time"!

I even had to borrow a couple of photos from Katie Starr's mom to have anything to post, we got back on Sunday afternoon and I promise to take some new photos over the weekend and get them up on my BLOG.

The good news, I don't have to travel again until the first of May except for a couple of overnight trips, this leaving Kacey is for the birds, she has a blast but I'm just miserable and I think she does miss me a little bit:)

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