Saturday, April 29, 2006
Bless her little heart, part 2

Hugh and Sonia met the stork today, well she was dressed as a FedEx employee but I think it was a stork. They got new photos and an acceptance letter, how fast do you think it was signed? I'm betting it was REAL FAST. Read the entire story at

Friday, April 28, 2006
Bless her little heart!

Sonia and Hugh are parents!

They will soon welcome Miss Kailee home from the Hunan province, she was born on June 24th and is absolutely darling (I'll post pictures when I can)! They've waited a long time and I'm sure that they would say that she was worth every single day of waiting!

Another family was formed today, what a miracle! May their lives be spicy & happy with their little darling from Hunan.

We will all wait on pins and needles for your arrival little girl--hurry home :)

Thursday, April 27, 2006
Here Storkie Storkie...

Ireland's stork has arrived could those US birds be far behind? I don't think so.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006
I've been tagged...

Cindy B. wants to know 6 weird things about me...just 6! OK, here goes:

1. I like to watch NASCAR races on TV, I know, I know I try to stop myself but I just get sucked in! I don't actually sit on the couch the entire time and watch but for long streches I am entralled. Then I have a sudden weird craving for a Busch Light Beer--go figure.

2. I love to vacuum, it's immediate gratification! I like all the lines pointing in the same direction with no nasty footprints marring their beauty. I could vacuum everyday and be very happy!

3. Don't know if this is weird or not but I'm painfully afraid of heights. I can not get on a ladder (except step ladders) changing lightbulbs is a terrifying thing to me and let's not even talk about replacing the batteries in the smoke detector. When I went to the top of the Empire State Building I wouldn't leave the wall I didn't take one step out towards the edge. They say the view is divine, I say I can see it on TV or in the movies thanks very much.

4. I cry during commercials, I just can't help it, the Kodak ones in particular just kill me...I have mascara everywhere in 30 seconds. I've seen some of these spots 100 times and they still get me. Part B of this oddness is that I also cry in airports when I see sad goodbyes...I don't even know these people and I'm crying too, very strange indeed.

5. There's also this tiny shoe obsession I have, well maybe it's not so tiny and maybe this group will even appreciate it but I love shoes and I just can't get enough. If one pair of black sandals is good then 5 is much better...I got a California Closet built just to make my shoes happy and give them the room that they deserve! Oh gosh I think I'll save this as a draft and jump on they may be having a sale :)

6. I love baggies, I have them in all shapes and sizes and I use them for everything. When I read somewhere to bring many different sizes to China it was a license to buy for me. Oh, by the way I also buy the holiday version of of every size, I'm still using up Christmas!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

How do I know that? CCAA told me, they told me on their website with an update that says...families logged in May 31-June 6 have been matched with their perfect children. That's not a literal quote from the website but you get the point. I also know because I heard Sonia screaming with glee from the rooftop all the way from her house to mine!!!

Do you know what else is good about this? I'm one full week closer to my turn! That's right folks with a log in date of July 8th there are only 32 days til it's Kacey day and 8 of those pesky days are weekends with no LID's so it's really just 24 days (but who's counting--ME).

This crazy, drawn out process makes families, I know, I've seen it with my own eyes. It's as slow as refrigerated molassess but it REALLY happens.

Congratulations Hugh & Sonia I can't wait to post the photo and share baby Kailee with my little part of the world--I love her and I haven't even met her :)

Monday, April 24, 2006

Emily, making quite a fashion statement! Posted by Picasa

Charleigh, looking quite lovely! Posted by Picasa

The lovely Ansley over for a visit! Posted by Picasa

Getting a peak behind the curtain!

At my house on Saturday I hosted the waiting families dinner and was lucky to have THREE beautiful girls from China there along with their brothers, sisters, moms and dads.

This was a fabulous peak behind the curtain at what my life will be like when Kacey is rolling, crawling, running around the house and squealing with delight. Let me just tell you, it's going to be FANTASTIC! These little girls are absolutely fabulous and if I couldn't wait for Kacey to get here before now I'm really ready.

Seeing Ansley sitting at the kitchen table all big, eating her dinner and Emily playing on the floor with her crazy dog that plays a million songs and our big girl Charleigh running around the house keeping up with the boys...the night was priceless!

This is what the wait is all about, it's about making a family! It's about making dreams come true for people like me and my friends. It may not happen on our time table but it is going to happen and WE are the luckiest people in the world!

I peaked behind the curtain and I was NOT disapointed!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006
Sweet Brothers...Crazy but Sweet!

I just had to BLOG this for Kacey to read in the future...her tough uncles are really just big old sweeties. Here's the story:

My Mom calls me last night to let me know that some stranger will be emailing me words of encouragement about my adoption, how, I ask does this guy even know that I'm adopting?

A good question you may say, well "this guy" is my youngest brother Kevin's tax guy (HIS TAX GUY I say). Evidently Kevin was explaing to his tax guy that he and my other brother Jim were going to go to China and demand that Kacey come home immediately. Demand it, he said...well it just happens that this tax guy (totally unknown to Kevin) already has one precious daughter from China and is leaving THIS WEEK to pick up #2.

How cool is that, the wonderful tax guy also explains in words that Kevin can understand (evidently my words don't sink in) that NO I'm NOT the only person waiting and waiting and waiting everyone is in the same boat and when my time comes everything will be forgotten and we will be the happiest family on earth. Evidently the boys (aged 39 & 41) thought I was being singled out and made to wait and everyone else was getting their girls before me, they were heading East like cowboys to take matters into their own hands!!

Don't worry y'all they don't even have passports and certainly no TA's so I beleive it may have been an idle beer, tax deadline induced threat but oh how I love my brothers and how I long to give them their first little niece! Hang in there fellas it won't be much longer now.

And to that tax guy who now has my BLOG and email addresses I wish you and your family safe travels to China...send me the web address to follow your trip! 2 little ones from China that's better than a big fat tax refund check :)

P.S. If you are even in the Ft. Lauderdale area and are in need of a custom surfboard or other necessary surfing equipment stop by Kevin's place, Liquid Addiction Surf Shop located at the corner or A1A & Sunrise behind the Holiday Inn. Kevin will be the one kicked back in his recliner now patiently waiting for his precious Kacey!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy 22nd b-day to Jeff Posted by Picasa

Here are a few more pics from Easter, this is me with Brooke, Jeff & Peyton! Posted by Picasa

Busy as a Bunny!

A great time was had by all yesterday, we ate too much, hid eggs, ate candy and so on. It was a beautiful day with a pollen count in the stratasphere hence the swollen eyes all around.

I'm also proud to announce that I made the William-Sonoma Bunny Cake, it only had one good side but it was DELICIOUS!

Thursday, April 13, 2006
It's been 9 months-WHERE'S MY BABY?

I just "not"celebrated 9 months of being logged in with CCAA for Kacey. Just a reminder that July 8th was my LID.

In the past couple of weeks I've sunk to new lows worrying and obsessing about this adoption journey and now I say to you all...I GIVE UP! I'm off the Yahoo Groups, I'll check the Rumor Queen once per day and the Official CCAA web site every morning but that's IT. I quit, this thing was driving me crazy and I was allowing it to happen--no more!

Of course, I'll continue to follow my friends' (Lori & Marc) happy journeys to China and back and celebrate upcoming referrals for Sonia and my other buddies from the June group and read my favorite BLOGS, that doesn't count I totally love the happy stuff:)

I started this new way of looking at things last week and it's really working for me, I feel so very much better and have a brighter outlook than I've had for months (thanks for the coping tip Mary Mia). Kacey's coming home, I just have to wait my turn...nothing I can do can change that.

I'll also be checking my email so if there's anything I really need to know please keep me posted.

I got a great button from my July 8th buddy Diane that says...Still Waiting--Don't Ask! That my friends says it all!

Love, Julie

Tuesday, April 04, 2006
Best Grandparents Ever???

I'm sure that there will be some debate on this BUT I think that Kacey may be getting the greatest Grandparents any girl could want? Why would I say such an outrageous thing, well, for one thing they have been waiting A LONG time for this day. I'm 44 (dont' tell anyone) and I have two "younger" brothers aged 41 & 39 between the three of us there are ZERO grandchildren. My folks have some serious pent up demand for a grandchild or two (this is for Jim and Kevin if they are reading).

They've been practicing their Grandparenting skills on my cousins, my cousins' kids and my friends' kids for years and they have it down pat: give them whatever they want, give them unconditional love, give them candy for breakfast and most importantly make sure that they know they are special everyday!

One day very early in the process I told my Mom that she was getting a little carried away (a little?) and she put me in my place quickly with this statement: Do you remember how much Ganny (her Mom) loved you? Well, I'm going to love Kacey that much so get used to it!

Soon we will go to China together and my Dad will be home waiting for us and they will get their granddaughter. They've waited for years so a couple more months won't even faze 'em!!! Me, on the other hand, well I'll save that for another post.

P.S. The picture is of all the goodies my Mom and Dad got Kacey for Easter. She's not even here yet! Imagine what it will be like next year...check out those fine, fine gloves. We live in the South you know, and we Southern ladies know what to do with white gloves :)

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