Monday, July 30, 2007
What a Difference a Year Makes!

A couple of smiles for the camera in honor of our 1 year referral anniversary, thanks K!

She still doesn't care for the camera...check out two photos one in June of this year one from April of last year! Love those sweet lips, she always looks like she has one lipstick.

Today, July 31st it's been 1 year since I met Lu Xiao Mei on a computer screen in Atlanta, GA and what a year it's been!

My feelings when I got my referral call are very hard to explain, first I was confused that my baby was almost 2 years old because all I had heard was that there were no older children available for the wonderful waiting families in Europe who can't adopt young babies then I got mad, mad that I had been ready since January and sweet Lu Xiao Mei had been sitting in an orphange waiting for a family and finally I settled on grateful, so very grateful that the wonderful people at the Lu'An SWI had saved sweet Kacey for me. They didn't know it but there must have been forces at work that hid that sweet girl in the system and saved her just for me so grateful I am and will always be!
Kacey has changed so much since we became a family, I dubbed her my little warrior princess in her referral photo and that is one thing that has not changed this girl knows what she wants and how to get it:) I'll list a few of the changes below because y'all know I love a good list!
  1. She's grown like a weed, at her doctor's appointment last week she was in the 50th percentile for both height and weight, 28.4lbs. & 36" tall I tell her it's like carrying a box of rocks around!
  2. According to my aunt who works in the elementary school system here in FLA she has a 500 word vocabulary and I can certainly vouch for the fact that she uses it from the time she wakes up until the times she falls asleep the girl can talk. When she came home from China last fall she could say only Mama, Nana & bacon in English but she did have many Mardarin words in her repitoire. You've got to be VERY careful about what you say around her because she is a parrot, yesterday she did not take a nap and was not very pleasant at all, at one point I told her she was "killin' me", I said it with a smile on my face but knew immediately it was huge mistake, the rest of the day she was on her toy cellphone pretending to talk to my Dad saying "PopPop you are killin' me" rookie mistake on my part let's hope it was a one day thing and not something she shares at school today.
  3. She's potty trained, again, she came home from China potty trained but we both got lazy and started depending on the pull-ups but as of last month she's in "big girl" panties full time and only has night time accidents about once every couple of weeks so with a little more evening water control from me we should be good to go. We are still working on the "do it yourself" potty experience, she refuses to pull her own clothes down I think she just likes the attention. I'm going to a larger size panties and dresses only for awhile to see if that helps, she can't go into the "3's" class until she has that skill down pat.
  4. She likes other people, yipee for me, yipee for the other people. Kacey was a 1-woman girl for the first couple of months but now she is Miss. Social Butterfly she happily sends me off to work while she goes to school and loves to be with Nana & Pop anytime at all. I'm still her favorite so I don't even have to be jealous!!!!
  5. She is so darned funny and she knows it, sometime she cracks herself up before she even shares the jokes, a sense of humor is one of my favorite things about the people I love so I'm so very glad that she has a good one. I'm really not very funny myself so I know she developed this all by herself.

Basically she is the light of my life, as I've said before she can make me as crazy as I've ever been and as happy as I ever dreamed of being! I ask myself every single day, what did I do without her? I have absolutely no idea, but the stacks of unopened magazines, toys thrown around the house and HGTV shows unwatched may be a big indicator...I say good for me my life is so much richer.

Every single time she kisses me and tells me she loves me I just melt and I am most grateful!

Friday, July 20, 2007
Uncle Kevin Comes to Visit!

Uncle Kevin came to town and he and Kacey had a great time. They played in the pool went to the beach and worked on their photography skills.

Play Ball!

Here I am in my very expensive seat, not watching the game!

OH MAN! The other team scored!
Kacey attended her first Major League Baseball Game, she had a great time ate lots of snacks and climbed the stairs about 50 times. She got to see Roger Clemmons pitch but she really didn't appreciate it:)
Let's go, let's go we are going to miss the first pitch!!!!!

Thursday, July 05, 2007
Little Miss Independence!

What a difference a year makes, last 4th of July I was on pins and needles waiting for my referral (it finally came July 31st) this year I was on those same pins and needles worried about errant fireworks and pool safety. I'll take this year's worries any day of the week.

FYI, the bow lasted just long enough for me to snap the pictures Kacey is just not a bow girl no matter how much I try, she may be right it does look a little silly to be honest! She does however love picnic food (1 1/2 hotdogs, 1/2 hamburger, beans, guacamole & Fritos yesterday alone) along with the dessert buffet:)

Monday, July 02, 2007
First Day at a New School

Thinking towel may have to come in with her or maybe not!

Today was Kacey's first day at her new school, don't know who cried harder me or her. According to reports from a fellow mom who dropped off after me I cried longer, Kacey was happily eating her breakfast 15 minutes after I left.

Today is also my birthday and I told Kacey this morning that she is the most wonderful birthday present I've ever received and I thank the lord and the CCAA every single day for this gift!!!!

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