Wednesday, October 29, 2008
Happy Birthday Hannah & Cody!

Kacey just happens by the babies' smash cake for a little taste! Hannah wasn't sharing too much with her though she is digging in!
It took Cody a couple minutes to understand just how good it was but he sure got the hang of it.

Our little miracles were 1 year old this weekend. They were born at 32 weeks and stayed in the hospital for weeks to come. Sweet Hannah had to have a pacemaker installed before she could escape the hospital. Well you would never know it now they were scarfing cake and Cody was toddling about the patio and that's when they weren't in the bouncehouse with their mommy!

Happy birthday sweetie pies!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008
Birthday Season!

Jumping in the foam pit - yes those are SHORTS she didn't want to show her panties!!!
Swinging on the rings
BIG finish and Ballet arms with the group!

If there is a season for birthdays this must be it! Last weekend we celebrated with Breanna at the local YMCA and this weekend we have a costume party with Bailey & Cody & Hannah's 1st birthday! Wow excitment plus!!!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008
Flying on her Big Wheel!

Give the girl some wheels and watch her GOOOOOO!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008
4 years old...

The birthday girl, not a great idea to try and take photos early in the morning! She had just dried her tears from a shoes and socks FIT but letting out a good birthday roar did her a world of good.

Kacey is 4 years old today! Wow how time has flown by it seems like just yesterday that we were celebrating her 2nd birthday the month after we got back from China and now she is 4. It's funny Kacey always says she wishes she was a tiny baby again like she was in China when we are around infants. I guess even at this young age she realizes that we missed time together but then I ask her if she likes being a big girl and she immediately says YES. She still changes everyday and is becoming such a grown-up girl she is counting to 30 (she unveiled that skill last night out of the blue) and this week she started reading in school she has "sight words" to practice and loves doing her homework. Sharing is still not one of her favorite things but she is getting a little better I think:) She is 39.5" tall and weighs 33.5lbs she can't quite wear the 4t's yet but she is about ready she can wear the shirts but not the pants or dresses!
She is still one of the most stubborn people I've ever met and everything is a negotiation. Here's how it goes...Me: Kacey lets do this (whatever it may be) Kacey: Mom, how about we do this way...that's a good plan right? Cracks me up every single time!

Also there are the clothes and shoes. My friends..the girl will wear NOTHING but dresses and loafers (or flip flops at home) no shorts, no skirts, no sneakers, NADA. She has an entire dresser full of summer clothes that were never even touched. I tried fighting for a couple of weeks but every morning one of us cried and it just wasn't worth it over a pair of shorts. We are already preparing for winter and I've told her (almost every day) that she will have to wear pants and sleeves when it gets chilly and she say OK but that means nothing until the negotiation really starts!!!
All that small stuff aside she is the light of my life she makes every single day exciting and fun and when she gives me kisses and hugs everything else just seems silly and unimportant. My entire life has changed for the better and I owe it to her, people still say how great it is that I "saved her" but I am a firm believer and have been since day one that she "saved me" and continues to save me from being way to uptight and serious!!!!

I love you Kacey happy 4th birthday my little princess!

Monday, October 13, 2008
Birthday Palooza!

Kacey & Cousin Austin Bouncing it UP!
Kacey and Brianna enjoy Chuck E

Bailey enjoys the party too! Asia, Kacey & Bri waiting for CAKE.
Kacey figures out checkers and beats me her very first game...princess checkers of course!

We haven't even reached the official "big day" and 2 parties have been enjoyed. We had all the pre-school friends at Chuck E Cheese at 10AM on Saturday (a very calm time at the Chuck) then had the family and neighborhood buddies over to the house in the afternoon for a bounce in the Castle Bouncehouse followed by a very necessary swim (it was HOT). Of course all the parties were princess themed and Kacey was decked out in dresses for each occaision taking a break only to wear her swimsuit in the pool. I'm trying to explan that she can't wear sundresses as winter but we wake up to 75 degrees everyday so I'm having a very tough time of it:(

Kacey had a blast at her parties and was so darned excited it was infectious. I took 1/2 day off on Friday to get the house ready and decorate with no "help" from my little helper. I didn't really think anything of it but when Kacey came home that night she thought that the Princesses had come to her house to get it ready for the party I was amazed. She was so honored that they would come over from their castle to get ready for her party she looked in every room to see if they were still there! I then had to explain that they had to hurry back to "work dinner" at the castle and that made her very happy. She left a flower on the table for them in case they came back which I promptly forgot to remove after she went to sleep which caused a little drama in the AM. I'm going to have to set a double tooth fairy alarm when we get to that point!!!

Enjoy the photos it was a wonderful time we enjoyed all our visitors and missed everyone who wasn't with us.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008
Sweetness LOVES Halloween

Kacey's friend Asia had a party at Pump It Up she was NOT fond of the big slides but loves the jumping!

The first party was dress-up so she decided to be Snow White Ballerina! You have to LOVE that sweet face:)

Magic shows are GREAT she was the first with her hand up to be an "assistant"!

And she loves birthday parties and magic shows. You can't say she isn't enthusiastic about every single day!!! Last Saturday we had 2 birthday parties and Disney on Ice I was a trainwreck but Kacey pushed through like a champ.
It's birthday weekend so looks for lots of fun photos from the big event(s) next week.

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