Wednesday, August 20, 2008
Borrowed from Diane's BLOG

I borrowed a couple more pictures from Diane. No Kacey is not that much shorter than Jena she is standing and Jena is on the stool. The next picture shows them NOT resting:)

New Jersey or BUST!

Kacey, Kaley & Avery. Then with Baby Colin on the couch.

Diane, Kacey & Jena on the tractor heading out to pick blueberries and Jena hamming for the camera.
Stefanie looking lovely
Kacey and I were off to New Jersey this past weekend to visit a few of our favorite people. We saw Diane and her terrific girls Jena & Stefanie. Jena and Kacey were at the same SWI and we traveled together 2 years ago to meet our wonderful girls. It was fantastic to see them and spend some time together before our Disney reunion it is amazing how quickly children make friends it was like they had know each other their entire lives!

Next we headed to the Jersey shore to see Sharon, Kaley, Avery & Baby Colin who are in from Hong Kong. We miss them so much so it was great to see them and meet Colin for the first time. The girls were a riot together and made quite a splash at the boardwalk in their matching dresses:)

I have camera problems so these were taken on my phone. I bought a disposable when I was there and I'm having CVS make me a disk so hopefully I'll be able to post some higher quality photos tomorrow.

Sometimes the world is so small and other times you wish it was smaller so you could see the people you love all the time!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008
A Post for Marie & Joe-Revised!

Shelley caught my date boo boo sorry I was ready to go and put the dates in wrong!!!

Hi guys,

I can't reply to your comment on BLOGGER regarding our trip to Orlando. If you would send me your email address I'll get you fully up to date my email is

We will be at Disney from September 18-21. We are planning a happy hour pool party at the hotel on Saturday in the hopes that the Florida families can come and celebrate with us. We'll provide lots of treats to eat and drink. We would love to see you, Joe and all the kids (& grandkids) feel free to join us anytime!

Julie, Diane, Shelley & families

Chasing Kacey

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