Monday, May 07, 2007
Gone Fishin'

Kacey and I are going to be out of touch with BLOGGERLand for the next week or so. We are headed to Florida and will be without a computer until Monday, I'd imagine things will be pretty crazy with a new job and living in a hotel with a toddler so it'll take me a few days to catch up after that.

Never fear though, Kacey and I are going to spend a few days at the beach this week and Nana is coming up to take care of Kacey for my first week of work so I'll have lots of great photos to add and hopefully much exciting news.

Good news on the moving front, my house is under contract and the closing date is June 29th...keep your fingers crossed because today is the inspection and I am hoping that our little casa passes with flying colors. Now, I've got to hustle and find us a new house this weekend or soon there after, nothing like a little pressure...good thing I'm a big game player and live for stress (yeah right)!!!

Have a great week folks, see you in cyberspace!!!

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