Tuesday, January 30, 2007
First Haircut!

Before I left for Asia on Sunday we made the pilgramage for Kacey's 1st haircut. You may say, she really doesn't have much hair and you would be right BUT Kacey had lots of that stringy wispy hair around her ears and collar and the hair stylist did a wonderful job cleaning it up.

I had a pocketful of bribes for any major hysterics but riding the motorcycle chair and watching Barney on her private DVD player were more than enough to keep her very happy during the entire appointment. She does love "doing" hair!!!

P.S. I'm on day 2 of my trip and hanging in there, Kacey had a wonderful day with Nana and Pop Pop and was very happy on the telephone this morning (evening in Atlanta), I think that a cupcake for her afternoon snack was the major highlight of her day :)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007
I'm Off!

Well, I'm off on my first business trip since Kacey's arrival. My folks are here to save the day as always but any happy thoughts will be appreciated. I've known that this day would come since I started adoption process but now that it's here I'm a world of sad--I know that Kacey will be fine it's me that I'm worried about if that makes sense.

How in the world do you leave a face like this for over 1 week...I guess I'm going to find out!! Good news, I don't travel often bad news I go far and for a week at a time.

Monday, January 22, 2007
Girls and their Mommies...

Here are a few photos from our portrait shoot on Saturday, it was pure chaos but tons of fun! Yes, Kacey's crying but there is one where she isn't I just have to find it!!

Thursday, January 18, 2007
A weekend in Florida!

Kacey and I headed down to Florida for the long weekend, the weather was delightful and the company even better. We got to see the entire Dixon Clan, all my Whiteside family, Augusta's Mom, Sister and neice Isabella and even Becky, Emerson & Gracie...WOW that's a lot of new friends for Kacey! We also headed out to the beach for a sunset dinner which was quite a treat, Kacey loved the sun, sand and water!!!

I've attached a few pictures but I'll put some more up when I have a minute this weekend!!!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007
A Clean Bill of Health!

Since Kacey's titers did not come back positive for her immunizations we have to go back to the doctor every three months for her to be totally caught up on her shots by her 3rd birthday (ouch!). We used this appointment as her actual 2 year well baby visit and you'll all be happy to know that along with 5 shots (including a flu shot) she is the picture of health, weighing in at 25.5 lbs (23 lbs on October 12th) and 34.25" in height (I think she was 33.75" in October) this puts her in the 10-25% for weight and 25-50% for height...she's tracking along well according to Dr. W and the results of her bloodwork say she also has her anemia problem licked and can come off the iron. 2-year molars are also popping up on both sides, glad to know that since she's been trying to stick her entire hand in her mouth and I've certainly wondered why this little trick started so suddenly!

The best news of all is that she is on track with both her verbal and motor skills for her age. She was in a wonderful mood this visit and did all her tricks for both the Dr. and Nurse and was a total "chatty cathy", I was worried it would be another scream fest and they would have no idea where her development was at. The quote of the day from the Doctor, this is going to crack you guys up, "Kacey is such a cooperative child and so adaptable I think she is ready to visit the pediatric dentist" wholey moley was she talking about my daughter:)

A special shout out to Nana and Pop Pop who worked with Kacey everyday on both her verbal and motor skills while I was at work those 1st two months (no couch potatoes around my house) and I'm quite sure that they were a HUGE contributor to her continuing development!!! Thanks guys, can't wait to have you back again at the end of the month.

Monday, January 08, 2007

We started with 7 and we are finally home with 7 more! Baby S. aka Maisie is home with her Mommy & Daddy and we couldn't be any happier, Kacey and I took dinner over under the pretense that they may hungry but really we wanted to see Maisie and give her a BIG welcome home hug!!! Mission accomplished, just like Kacey sweet Maisie is NOT fond of smiling for the camera I promise you all that she was full of giggles before I took out the silver monster but you can still see how pretty she is!!! Eammon and Kacey got into a big belly contest towards the end of the night, don't ask me how but Kacey started it!!!

Welcome home M we love you!

I'm It!

My friend Lori has tagged me so here goes...
A - available or taken: Available, interviewing for Prince Charming
B- best friend: Danielle & Carolyn
C- cake or pie: cake and pie - Cherry Pie
D- drink of choice: Good red wine after 6pm and Diet Coke the rest of the day
E-essential item you use everyday: Electric Hair Rollers
F-favorite color: Green
G-gummy bears or worms: Gummy Bears
H-hometown: Tampa, Florida now in North GA
I-indulgence: good haircuts
J-January or February: January - anyone else noticed how LONG Feb is for a short month?
K-kid's names: Kacey Susan Xiao Mei (2) since I only have one she has a long name :)
L-life incomplete without: my family & friends
M-marriage date: Now there's a good question
N-number of siblings: 2 brothers
O-oranges or apples: apples
P-phobias or fears: fear of heights, can't even go to the top of the step ladder
Q-favorite quote: Life's short...eat dessert first!
R-reason to smile: Kacey, definitely Kacey
S-season: Spring
T-tag 3 people: Cindy, Sonia & Lisa S. (when she resurfaces in Bloggy land)
U-unknown fact about me: I love St. Patrick's Day
V-veggie I don't like: Brussel Sprouts
W-worst habit: I think maybe it's the unhealty eating
X-xrays: Only 2 if you don't count dental
Y-your favorite food: Mexican and Kacey is following in my footsteps
Z-zodiac: Cancer the Crab

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Ok all you Mommies out there I need an assist, Kacey is now at daycare for breakfast and I need some ideas of what she might eat. She is not happy when I leave and refuses to eat her usual favorite...grits and a a meat of some kind. This AM I also took dry Cheerios (she doesn't drink milk), Pop Tarts are a no-go which is OK for me because I LOVE Pop Tarts and can eat them.

Has anything worked for you guys? She's not a picky eater BUT she' also not a morning person and I'm dropping her off at 6:45AM, needless to say I'm not her favorite person in the AM BUT she's super happy in the afternoon so I know that it just takes her a while to get going.

I'm also chanting when she's hungry she'll eat so that I don't worry!!! She ate her entire lunch at school yesterday so maybe that's a good sign:)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007
Happy New Year!!!!!

Welcome 2007, 2006 was without a doubt the most challenging and in the end the BEST year of my life. January through September was the challenge, waiting for news of Kacey and October until the stroke of midnight the very best (complete with different challenges) spending time with my party girl.

A new year always holds such promise and this year is extra special in that regard, today is Kacey's first day of full-time school she went in without a sqirmish but was none too happy that I wasn't staying for breakfast...she cried everyday when my Mom dropped her off too so I'm not overly concerned, they promised to call me if anything was amiss and I'll call them at 10AM and check on my big girl.

There are so many exciting things waiting for Kacey and I to experience this year along with all the wonderful routine days (borrowed that phrase from Katie Starr's Mom) to be had, I just can't wait.

We sure do miss having Nana and PopPop around and can't wait until the end of January when they come back, hopefully tan and relaxed after a few weeks in sunny South Florida!

To all the wonderful people I've met this past year and many I've known my entire life I wish you all a very Happy New Year, may your dreams come true and all your resolutions stick!!!

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