Thursday, January 26, 2006
I've Been Tagged....

I've been tagged by both Angel and Bonnie so I better fess up!

What were you doing ten years ago?
I was living in Maitland, Florida and working for Popeyes Fried Chicken & Biscuits as a Marketing Manager--a yummy but very fattening job.

What were you doing one year ago?
Flying back from a business trip in Australia (this VERY DAY) when I had my Red Thread moment in the Atlanta Airport. I got serious about adoption the very next day and the rest is history.

Five snacks I enjoy?
1. French Fries (I LOVE french fries w/Ketchup)
2. Chips, Salsa & good homemade guacamole
3. Twizzlers
4. Starburst Fruit Chews
5. diet Coke (if that counts)

Five things I would do if I were a millionaire
1. Start college accounts for all the little ones in my life
2. Buy new cars for everyone I know
3. Pay off my all my families' mortgages
4. Adopt more children
5. NEVER work again...for money!

Five bad Habits
1. Not eating right (see list above)
2. Not exercising enough (but I am walking to China with my July DTC Group)
3. Being a bit short and snippy with people
4. Impatient
5. My Yahoo habit is getting a bit out of hand lately :)

Five things I like doing
1. Laundry, I like to wash it, dry it and not put it away for days!
2. Shopping
3. Working around my house
4. Watching HGTV & Food TV
5. Cooking

Five things I would never wear, buy or get new again
1. Stirrup Pants
2. A Perm
3. Large pattern plaid pants (what was I thinking)
4. ANOTHER diaper bag (I swear)
5. Workout Leotards

Five favorite toys/games
1. Spades
2. Scrabble
3. Freecell on the computer
4. Craps in Vegas or anywhere!
5. Kacey's stroller...I'm having fun just pushing it around the house!

Then select FIVE PEOPLE to TAG!

I'm tagging everyone who reads this on my're it!

The Stork Has Landed--The Stork Has Landed!

Great Wall's stork must have had a tail wind because she arrived yesterday and delighted her waiting families. We got 44 referrals which included 3 boys and a set of twins. The boys went to families that had requested little guys or not specified gender. From what I hear the twin's parents are absolutely OVER THE MOON with joy :)

On a special note my GW cyber buddy Shannon and her family received a referral for Mia who was born in mid-July and is absolutely beautiful if I may add, her entire family is past excited:) They didn't get the call until dinnertime and what a wait it was, I told her if I have this much trouble waiting for your call what in the world am I going to do when it's my turn!!!

This also got me thinking about a couple of things; number one what lucky people we are to receive these babies from PRC and be allowed the opportunity love them for the rest of our lives and two maybe there is something mystical about the matching process, if Shannon had received her referral with the rest of the April group in early January Mia wouldn't have been ready to become part of their family yet...I can't wait to see Kacey I'm sure she will be absolutely the perfect little girl for me.

I LOVE the stork!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006
The Stork is Flying!

We got a stork alert yesterday and baby Kacey is 44 happy families closer to coming home! These referrals covered log in dates from April 27-May 12. Great Wall did not have any early May families so all 44 are from April 27th--the next date for us is May 17th. Two families from the FCC-S. Florida chapter are receiving referrals and I couldn't be happier for them...they've been waiting WAY too long! Congrats Shannon, Jolene and families--cant' wait to see your babies at the end of the week.

The CNY holidays will be observed January 30th through February 3rd in Beijing. Have a great holiday CCAA team and then get back to the business of matching the remainder of May and June families with their children. Kacey wants to be home for her Mommy's birthday on July 2nd and celebrate her first Independance Day as an American Citizen. She didn't tell me that herself but we have this cosmic connection and I can just feel it.

Also to quote Jimmy Buffet and his line about "cosmic laughter ringing throughout the universe" I have purchased my first Laura Ashley dress for Kacey. I'm about as anti-Laura Ashley as you can get...or I thought I was til now. I was in TJ MAXX last night and there it was in all it's navy blue velvet splendor and only $9.99, I had to have it (no Danielle I didn't buy the matching Mommy dress--do they have one ?) I tried to fight it but to no avail. Kacey will have not only the 12 days of Christmas next year but also the 12 Holiday Dresses of Christmas! They may be big or small on her but she'll have 'em alright :)

Saturday, January 21, 2006
In a Fog!

North GA. is in a fog and can't seem to shake it! Very strange because it's 4:17 in the afternoon and it's been like this all day, balmy (for January) and damp. What's up with this? Maybe mother nature knows how blue that I'm feeling about the wait for Kacey and gave me a day to match. If she's reading my BLOG...I'm going to snap out of it by tomorrow, how about you?

I went out to run errands earlier and the visability was so low and traffic so bad I just picked up my dry cleaning and came home for a nap.

No flight information from the stork yet, maybe Monday? Let's hope so for all those wonderful families in the April 27th group, they've been waiting for their children LONG ENOUGH already.

Thursday, January 19, 2006
Big News from China!

Welcome news from China this AM via the CCAA website. JUNE dossiers have finished in the review room (ALL OF THEM) and will be matched when May is completed. That means that it's July's turn in the review I wait on pins and needles to hear if there are any issues with my dossier (LID July 8th). This is the time when CCAA contacts your agency with questions, so think happy thoughts for me.

Now the BIG QUESTION is, how much of May is going to be matched in this current batch? My guess is through May 12th, I've heard that date so many times on the Yahoo boards that it's stuck in my mind and become my guess :) I've never claimed to be clairvoyant!!

In a nutshell I'm still waiting but there is movement, the faster May and June get matched the faster I get my chance to be matched with "the perfect" child.

More news soon, let's hope!

My friend Erica (Tanner's Mommy) and him doing a little posing! Posted by Picasa

Kacey's New Friend

I got a chance to visit my friends Cary and Erica yesterday and meet the very handsome Tanner for the first time (born on January5th). He is the cutest little peanut you've ever seen. His Mom looked wonderful (and tired) and his Dad was so proud, what else could you ask for.

Little Tanner joined the world on January 5th. He told me yesterday that he can't wait to play with Kacey when she gets here. It should be warm enough for him to go outside by then! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Speaking of FuBo (aka Emily Faith) here is one of her referral photos. Now that's a GREAT hairdo I can't wait to give it a little tussle when she comes home. Hurry home little one :) Posted by Picasa

Great Time With GA Familes!

Last night was the monthly dinner with the GA. Waiting Families. We had a blast as usual but also had a couple of things to celebrate: we welcomed Charleigh home from China with her family and celebrated Daphne and Greg's referral of the beautiful FuBo (aka Emily Faith). I've posted some photos of the event.

We can't wait for February and I can't wait to host the April dinner.

Charleigh tries her photography skills out on Mia, I think she may have a new career! Posted by Picasa

Welcome Charleigh, we've been waiting to meet you!! Posted by Picasa

Playing beauty parlor with the new hair bows in the goodie bags from Lisa. Posted by Picasa

Sonia works on her bubble blowing skills with a friend. Posted by Picasa

The GA girls! Boys playing elsewhere. Posted by Picasa

Brandon and Mom Bonnie. Posted by Picasa

Lisa, Charleigh and her brother Brandon stiking a lovely pose! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, January 05, 2006
2 Yes I said 2 referrals...

The stork landed at Great Wall yesterday with 2 referrals in her pouch (both girls)! They said it was going to be a light batch and boy was it. Oh well, time to start getting excited about the next arrival, let's hope it does cover families well into May and gets here fast. More later!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006
Not so great referral news...

We received an email from Great Wall on December 29 and referrals are ready for families with log in dates from April 15- 25. Guess what, Great Wall doesn't have any families logged in for those dates. This is a huge bummer not only to my cyber-buddy Shannon who was logged in on April 27 but all of us in line behind her--it pushes us all back yet another month.

There are rumors (you've got to love the Yahoo sites) that another batch of referrals will be sent out before CNY (Chinese New Year) on January 29th and that it will include log in dates of April 26-May 10, still not a full month's worth but heading the right direction. I REALLY need for this rumor to be true I'm getting impatient/crabby and need just a little something to keep me on the sunny side! I've mentally prepared myself for a late April or early May referral although I may be totally mental by that time :)

Just an FYI, 2006 is the Year of the Dog in China. 2005 was the Year of the Rooster which will most likely be Kacey's sign. I was born in the Year of the Ox, couldn't have been something sexy like the Dragon!!!

This was my formal living room, who needs one anyway! It's now Kacey's playroom complete with rocker recliner and ride-on dog named Ling-Ling given with love from Annie & Trevor. Posted by Picasa

This is the other view of the playroom, lots of cabinets just waiting to be filled with toys and stuff! Posted by Picasa

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