Tuesday, September 12, 2006
Next Stop...Beijing!

This is it for me from the good old USA. Don't forget I'll be posting here from China: http://www.angelfire.com/magic2/stork/JulieT.html

Wish I had something pithy and profound to say but I think I've hit that wall that made Sonia pour her creamers back into the McDonald's bag rather than her coffee cup and I need to get out of here and off to Kacey.

Actually I do have one last thing to say and this is for my Larkin & Schoening friends..."this is my MONUMENT VALLEY!"

Love you guys, bye for now.

GOOD NEWS, my suitcase weighs 44 lbs to the ounce!

Bad news, this is the stuff that didn't fit. I hope Nana knew I was serious about her saving room in her suitcase!

Sunday, September 10, 2006
Amelia Rose's BIG DAY!

Amelia Rose was sweet enough to move her birthday party to accomodate Kacey's shower so I wanted to give her a very special "shout out". She had a doubly special day today because she celebrated not only her birthday but her baptism at church. There was no flash photography in the church and OF COURSE I couldn't figure out how to turn off my flash so you'll just have to take my word for that part of the day but I've got some great shots of her and her friends at the big party!

All the girls (and 1 boy) had a wonderful time and were a beautiful site to see. We also welcomed home Chloe & Stephanie (Dad & brother Keegan were at home doing "manly stuff") from China so that was yet another blessing of the day.

Happy Birthday Sweet Amelia, I can't wait to bring you one more friend home from China!!!

Waiting for Kacey!

Where is she? We are all hanging around waiting for her, what? She isn't even back from China yet...let's get outta here!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006
Let's Practice!

OK, I'm going to cheat on BLOGGER while I'm in China and let a professional post my trip journal & photos. I've just heard of too many folks that had problems accessing, posting or even seeing their BLOGS in China and I don't want to take that chance.

Here's my web site address so take a click now and make sure that there are no issues--if there are now is the time for me to get them fixed. I'll put up a reminder up again before I leave for China and try to post to BLOGGER when I update there.

The trip journal web site...just waiting for entries!!!


Mark Your Calendars!

The last part of the puzzle is in place, last night I received my in-China itinerary and found out that the magic Kacey moment will occur @ 10:00AM on Monday, September 18th China Time (that's 10:00PM, Sunday, September 17th in the good old Eastern Time Zone). The CWI is 2 hours away from Hefei so my little XiaoMei is NOT going to be a happy camper, as you might remember her "get up" time during the Summer is 7:30AM and she is going to have to rise at the crack of dawn to make it all the way to the Hefei Holiday Inn (my home away from home for 5 days)! No worries, I'll make it up to her with lollypops, 3 different kinds of Goldfish & of course Cheerios. I told you guys I've only got 5 pounds of the suitcase...REALLY!

Following are all the details of our travel plan, looks like we will have LOTS of time at the pool if the weather permits, oh, and shopping we must shop. I've made a list of the 18 gifts I want to buy for Kacey's birthdays and her wedding, I'm tearing up just thinking about it.

As the song says, "my bags are packed, I'm ready to go"...

Thursday, 09.14
Pick up family#7 Thomas (2) with CO89 and send to Poly Plaza (The Thomas Family's Beijing home away from home)
Friday, 09.15
Optional tour for family #7 Thomas
Saturday, 09.16

Sightseeing Tour to the Great Wall, Forbidden City and Tian An Men Square
Sunday, 09.17
8:15am (this is what we've been waiting on)
All fly to Hefei with HU#7307
Sunday, 09.17
Pick up family with HU#7307 and send to Hefei Holiday Inn Hotel
******Monday, 09.18******
***Pick up baby at hotel***
Tuesday, 09.19
Go to Civil Affairs to do registration
Wednesday, 09.20
Shopping for babies (who wants to bet we are going to Wal-Mart)
Thursday, 09.21
Take family Derfuss, Persons, Rose, Smith, Supinski, Thomas, Varon to visit Liu’an SWI
Friday, 09.22
Visit to a zoo
Get passport, this means Kacey has been sprung from China...officially just need to finish the US part of the deal!
Saturday, 09.23
Family fly to Guangzhou with CZ3814
Saturday, 09.23
Pick up Family with CZ3814 and sent to the FAMOUS White Swan Hotel
Sunday, 09.24
Sightseeing tour to Chen Family’s Temple
Monday, 09.25
Take family to do baby’ Visa photo and do child’s medical examination (that should be fun)
Tuesday, 09.26
Take family documents to American Consulate in GZ (guide takes the paperwork, we stay at the hotel and worry).
Wednesday, 09.27
Family goes to American Consulate Interview and gets baby’s Visa in the afternoon.
Thursday, 09.28
Send family #7 Thomas (family of THREE) away with NW10.
6:54pm family #7 Thomas Family of 3 arrives at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport

Tuesday, September 05, 2006
Meet Kacey's New Friends!

I'd like to introduce you to a few of Kacey's new friends. Gracie, Rose & Marie (twins) who recently blessed the families' of my friends Angel (Gracie) & Mary Mia (Rose & Marie)! You have to go through this journey to truly understand how close to people you've only met once or never met you can feel. When I saw these 3 wonderful girls on my computer screen my heart skipped a BEAT again--I had happy flashbacks to Kacey day on July 31st and just KNEW how thrilled that their families were.

I can't wait for Kacey to meet her mini-blogger buddies, I'm sure that they will be fast friends!

If you'd like all the scoop on the "Funshine Twins" & Gracie visit their blogs: http://salsainchina.blogspot.com/ and http://emmasfamily.blogspot.com/ you'll love following their journeys I guarantee it!

And it wasn't even on sale!!!

The "Mother Gene" has kicked in and all my fiscal responsibility has flown out the window!!! This weekend Danielle, Brooke,Peyton & I were at the mall and just happened to walk through the Disney Store. Danielle, said "Kacey NEEDS a Halloween costume and all the good stuff will be gone when you get back from China". This statement is uttered while we are staring at the cutest Minnie Mouse costume you've ever seen, I replied "you are right, how about this one, it's not on sale but what the heck"! She replied, "good call and she'll need the headband and the cool shoes too". Well we oohed and ahhhed and talked about how much my folks (Disney Heavy Users) will love this outfit, I paid and off we went with a promise to show up the day AFTER Halloween for next year's costume! I'm sorry to say that I don't even have buyers' remorse, I'd sleep with the costume if I didn't think it would wrinkle :)

Bottom line, my little mouse will be home on Sepetmber 28th and that's worth more than all the Minnie's in the Magic Kingdom.

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